Fools who should have known better

Anyone want to know about…?

The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem keeping tabs on Jewish building in Greater Jerusalem,

or Thomas Pickering’s dealings with Hamas,

or George Soros’ International Crisis Group and his Open Society Institute…

They are all designed to smooth the road for Hamas and to get what it wants: delegitimize Israel.

Officially, the Obama White House can say the right things while under the table making sure that Israel can never do enough to get security. Right now – years of rocket attacks and bomb shelters and constant interference with normal life and school, Israel is prevented from dealing with the normal problems of an economy under siege because daily life is not possible and the cost in treasure and blood is incalculable.

And what is the truth?

Except for the 1967 War (where as the sages would say and the Torah scholars) it started with the right thing… -a preemptive strike on Nasser’s air force. On the ground there were quick moves and then a victory that was truly miraculous. Torah teaches that when God acts, response must be immediate and right away.

They then threw it away re: The Western Wall and Temple Mount. Then, as usual, under pressure from United States, European Union and the United Nations and everybody else, they began giving up of victories and getting nothing in return. Always making it possible for the Arab World to continue its drive to kill every Jew in Israel and the World. The phony words go on from the so-called friends of Israel. They talk in public but sabotage in private. Israel can never have security. The one time they could have risen to take Islam’s prize in Jerusalem (a time when God had given Israel the psychological edge), they did not take advantage of it – like not putting the blood on the doorposts so the Angel of Death. It killed the Jewish firstborn too. It killed those who thought it was too soon for the Exodus. “We won’t go and we won’t approach our Egyptian neighbors for gifts.”

This analogy is proper for Israel in 1967 and ever onward. The Israeli governments of left and right acted in fear of Washington and UN and the EU and they always fall prey to false hopes, unreality, and plain stupidity.

Even the Jewish orthodox fail to take God at His Word.

And now it’s waiting for the Final Holocaust and the Samson Option. Even the wisest of the Jewish writers and scholars stay in fairytale land, and always on the cusp of death.

And why is it I have to be the only one who can see what it’s all about…

I guess because it’s no fun being made a fool of and Jews from smartest Rabbis to the most secular who don’t give a damn. They are congenital fools and I refuse to be that way –

They are fools who should have known better.

Reaganman – Contributor

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