It’s understanding the milieu in which you’re functioning

November 13, 2012

Six days ago and just hours after the crushing political defeat known as the 2012 elections, I wrote a letter to Grassfire team members that has already gone further than I ever imagined.

In that letter, I openly shared how the Election Day defeat left me feeling like a political “exile” in my own land. And yet, I found hope in a 2,500-year-old letter to exiles written by the prophet Jeremiah that got me out of bed early the next morning and ready to take on the challenges to come.
That letter had a clear message to exiles of all ages: Build! Plant! Bless! And Pray!
From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, Grassfire

Point being: nothing new under the sun, and the further point being not enough of being true to core principles.

It’s understanding the milieu in which you’re functioning, the demographics you’re dealing with and the media propaganda levels, mores and morality and how the population has been inculcated with dependency or individuality.

Political approach cannot succeed if it doesn’t meet tests of understanding the population you’re trying to influence – and therein lies the success of immorality:

Dependency and democratic socialism and redistribution and faith, honor and belief in man and God.

The latter is a heavy burden, the former is not.

Reaganman – Contributor

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