Almighty reason to pull the plug

Pray for US Banner Image

Exactly what Obama wants.

Cripple companies,

make economy worse,

all part-timers,

no company can afford full-time with health insurance,

so deep recession,

Fed still printing money,

health insurance companies go bankrupt,

everyone forced into government exchanges,

so with a stroke single payer socialized medicine,

Israel condemned at Security Council for killing Hamas in Gaza, deal with Putin, and Morsi makes his Sinai move at Israel’s expense, and in the chaos that’s what executive orders in the desk are all about…fiscal cliff.

Why worry… the American electorate is so congenitally brain dead after all the years of being brainwashed, they blame Republicans for the Democrat Red Fascism that gives the Almighty reason to pull the plug on the whole damned thing.
And you’ll not hear the clergy say anything appropriate…

…because they don’t have the guts.
Reganman – Contributor

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