The overriding cycles of the planet would not be halted

Global warming and cooling and ice ages and tropical periods have occurred since the beginning of the planet.

With the fall of the Soviet Union the Communists became American environmentalists to continue the job of Obama’s shock troops to destroy American capitalism.

A supreme example of environmentalism and radicalism is preventing the forest service from cleaning and clearing the forests and controlled burning to permit air and water to enter from above, to permit cutting, to permit new growth but the lunatic left goes to court, gets injunctions from ignorant liberal judges, and then everyone wonders why the wild fires rage and the country burns and people lose their homes – that is the ignorance of modern environmentalism.

A balance always has to be struck between people’s freedom and free exercise thereof and if their personal practices are dangerous to the group. We obviously don’t have people smoking in an incubation room for newborns in a hospital, but folks smoking and playing poker in somebody’s den is a free act of free people.

– If you want to say smokers have to pay double for their health insurance okay, but it is more important that freedom be maintained than that perfect safety and security be achieved –

Think of the millions killed because some fanatic like Mao, Stalin, or Hitler wanted to make a new world racial, political, or economic.

And you can’t deny that scientists to get government money lie about their results and the implications thereof.

East Anglia was a put up job and if we to get all civilization to end carbon burning, the overriding cycles of the planet would not be halted.

Reaganman – Contributor

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