The Republicans threw this election just like the Black Sox in 1919. Ohio was Obama’s because of fraud. The Democrat coalition is made up of Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and radicals.


In every close swing state, I wouldn’t be surprised if fraud played a major part in Obama’s winning and while we know a lot of the conservative base stayed home because Romney wasn’t pure enough for them there was fall-off on the other side too.

So, that’s not the explanation…

It’s fraud.

Allen West is rightfully demanding a full recount. Florida, another good place for fraud, is to give Obama a narrow carry.

That is why finally as I’m fed up with my fellow Jews voting Democrat and I’m washing my hands of them (Especially orthodox, where if it’s Satmar and not Lubavitch, it’s anti-Israel). They can act that crazy, and these next four years will literally produce the end of American Constitution and democracy.

Mark my words… Card check is going to force winning union elections because the goon squads will be let out and it is simply unfathomable how Republicans can be so gutless, stupid, and worthless
( – just like the lemmings that marched into Arbeit Macht Frei and Stalin’s Gulags).

It’s not worth much being a kid growing up in today’s America.


Reaganman Contributor

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