“This too shall pass.”

“This too shall pass.”

An interesting saying from the Bible that is perfect for any occasion. I still feel the sting of our election loss days later.

On election day, a friend who came over to watch the returns with me and at the end of the night. When it was all over, he sadly mused, “Is this what the Republicans of felt like the night Roosevelt was reelected the first time?”

I would think so.

The incompetent incumbent won –

Similarly, both Roosevelt and Obama blamed their previous administrations for their present problems. Hoover, wrongly tinkered only slightly with the economy and is historically saddled and blamed for The Great Depression. Will future and subsequent generations of Americans wrongly blame similar mistakes by G W Bush for the bigger problems that our current administration caused?

The answer is –yes.

I wonder, are we really a a Center to Left country now? Unfortunately, I don’t see any clear quick way back from this dark path we’ve chosen.

I’ve always thought that Romney was a weak choice for candidate. He burned a little hotter during the first debate, but cooled quickly and never regained any momentum. I also knew that this too was going to happen. He, like his father, had little of the core conviction needed to ideologically move this country back to its constitutional roots. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have love for his country…he does.

I just don’t think he ever really believed in the (now, old fashioned) ideal that was called: American Exceptionalism.

My disappointment is also mixed with a fair amount of anger.

I blame modern political kingmakers who supported Mitt early on. What was their reasoning?

Simple, they figured it was his turn.

Like it was Dole’s turn…

Like it was McCain’s turn…

And, it was now Romney’s turn!

The party and “thought leaders” gave us a milquetoast moderate from Massachusetts.

Despite the dire straits that the United States of America is now in, Barack Obama has won re-election to a second term as President of the United States. I wanted those in the GOP to stop touting moderates as Republican Candidates. Instead we got a moderate that the Karl Roves types said was a “viable winner.”

Another moderate,- uninspiring choice that had at best a 50/50 shot at losing to the worst president since Carter. Newt was interesting. However, he was a self destructive candidate -but would have been a better candidate because he was the only one fighting for Conservatism and moreover would have called out Obama on his record. I’m disappointed at the election results, but I’m also completely and utterly disappointed with the GOP establishment who bolstered Romney.

Ford, Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush, and McCain and now Romney. I see the ones taking conservative paths against the Democrats actually won.

Where’s the Reagan- fighting with passion and eloquence? While I’m at it, where were they during this entire election?!? Where were the Republican Establishment leaders like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?

Make no mistake about the consequence of this election; Barack Obama’s campaign effectively beat the GOP and damaged the winning prospects of future true conservatives.

For me, The modern GOP need to get their house in order.

Now we must face challenges and setbacks far more serious than a slight uptick in unemployment and lower growth.

Now this country is on the edge-

Don’t get me wrong, years from now the USA will still be here.

Will it be better?

Remember, Rome was once the greatest civilization on the face of the earth… had it’s mixture of rich history and turbulent times… Bread and Circuses, an economically ailing west, a decrease in agricultural production… it all led to higher prices for basic goods and services. The empire had a large trade deficit with itself. To make up for the lack of money, the government began producing more coins.

This led to inflation. (Sound familiar?)

There were also political and military difficulties, as well. Like today, it didn’t help matters that political amateurs were in control of the Empire in those years leading up to its fall. Under these circumstances, the fall of the Roman came as no surprise.

It fell, but is still with us.

Rome survives as a little city in Italy.

—this too shall pass– An old saying that comforts me during these low first days that is the end of what I can call: Classic America.

And now I can get crux of why, we’re in the midst of a historical never-ending funk.

Is a Socialist America the New America? 

Inevitably the next generation of American will never know the liberty and freedom this last generation enjoyed.

Will this is our new normal?

I hope that in in the future we may have a slight reprieve from today’s madness. I’m reminded of Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as British Prime Minister. She was remarkable, if only for a short time, to revive the English.  For a short while Britain thrived again.

I am bruised,

but -I am not dead.

And that to shall pass.

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