Going to make our grandchildren slaves of the state

Whether talking foreign policy, the survival of Israel, or the “fiscal cliff,” Conservative think tanks like The Heritage Foundation must understand that they really do not understand the mind of the left.

President Obama is a man of the left and is a hard Saul Alinsky Socialist who has hatred of capitalism. In foreign affairs, he is as an Islamic sympathizer -the current version of a leftist. In the past, the bulk of leftist liberals were communist sympathizers – that means a Soviet victory chorus.

The  Conservatives and Republicans are ignorant and think that it’s politics as usual. They don’t understand that these people wan to create a European Socialist state with single payer system and the remnants of the private sector existing completely at the sufferance of the State. Republicans will continue to lose as ever. This will be due to the increasing numbers of voters who will grow ever dependent on the state. There is no fear of rampant inflation – they have it in Iran, and in Kirchner’s Argentina. And then there’s Venezuela… where Chavez is happy with his role as Hezbollah’s proxy in America. He’s waiting to target the U.S. with weapons just as soon as they are supplied to him.

But -Americans will vote Democrat.

If Susan Rice is nominated, Republicans will cave again and approve her. They have a deathly fear of being called names by the left media types.

I have yet to hear people say and realize that this garbage is going to make our grandchildren slaves of the state like Russia, Germany, and China…

…and I don’t like it!

Don’t give in!

They have to remember that this “fiscal cliff” takes time and there’s still leverage! The House can refuse to vote an increase in the debt limit! -Not until there are real spending cuts and entitlement reforms to cut the burden!

We need to shout it to the rooftops! The criminal activities of Democrat Socialists are lusting for the death of America.

Reaganman- Contributor


No wake up call yet…

I read a cogent analysis of why the American Jew and Black are the most loyal of Democrats.

It seems that great progress was being made post-Roosevelt (another story by itself) and Reagan was doing very well. However, it seems that he got too close to the Evangelical Christian Right.

The American Jew is afraid of the fantasy that they all want to convert us.

That is the illegitimate and ridiculous basis on which the moron Ph.D. candidates of the Jewish world think. They have decided that Obama, Susan Rice and Jesse Jackson (big time Israel settlement and security haters that they are) are perceived as less of a threat than people like Gary Bauer and Christians United for Israel and Jerusalem Prayer Team who have feet on the ground helping out in Israel.

Meanwhile, Obama and Rice break bread with Jihadists in the White House and to the American Jew, that’s fine and good.

At the time, it made better logical sense for Roosevelt to run the war according to Joe Stalin’s wishes. After all, they were fighting the same enemy. Likewise, there is no excuse for the American Jew to denounce and ignore the only Christians who are on their side. The Protestant Left Wing is BDS and the Catholic Church, as an institution, doesn’t defend their own across the world being attacked and killed by Moslems. That said, you can’t expect much up them when it come s to supporting Israel.

No wake up call yet…

… not until this administration has its way and finally gets rid of Israel.


Reaganman – Contributor

Overwhelm the system

Obama’s Latest Attempt To Overwhelm The System
Nov 23, 2012 02:33 pm

If you are a business owner, you are well aware that President Obama has imposed over 6,000 new regulations on businesses in just 90 days. This doesn’t even begin to address the massive amount of regulations imposed over the last 4 years. The bigger picture is that it’s all part of his plan to “OVERWHELM” […]

Read More: https://usjf.net/2012/11/obamas-latest-attempt-to-overwhelm-the-system/

As I’ve always said, you cannot win an election in America even today by campaigning as a Communist.

…but as an environmentalist -you have no problem.

Never mind that you produce incredible firestorms because you prevent normal land and forest management that keeps the environment clean and neat. Even the government objects to the lawsuits. Unfortunately, the judges are morons and fools. Environmentalists are so consumed with hate for America. They prey, pray and plan on destroying through Obama’s regulations. They will strangle and bankrupt capitalism because his birth message was to destroy the West –

Especially America.

Reaganman – Contributor

Monday, 19 Nov 2012

James Zogby: History Ignored Lessons in Gaza


By James Zogby

In response to James Zogby’s column on Newsmax website… He criticized both sides for the Gaza / Israel mess and making it seem as:

While rockets are not nice, Israel’s targeted assassinations causes it all and harangues the U.S. Congress for being pro-Israel and messing up Obama’s foreign policy –

Good leftist Arab propaganda.

I answered (which too few Jews do) as follows:


in paraphrase:
There is no Arab Palestine. Way back then it was a group of pagan peoples. Abraham got the word for monotheism, long later after slavery in Egypt as seen in the Bible, under Moses’ fulfillment of the Covenant – They conquered the land, Palestine is Jewish Bible land. Christians, and then Moslems stole it, but it’s Jewish land.
And today’s Arabs and Moslems will never say Jews have a right to anything except to be dead.

And That’s why I curse and excoriate and the worthless politically liberal Democrat Jew who sucks up to Obama and says screw Israel.

How many of the Rabbis do that too?

Reaganman  – Contributor


The reason is ideology

No more twinkies. No more ding-dongs, or cupcakes. Hostess Corp. has closed up shop, firing 18,500 workers. They declared chapter 11 bankruptcy for the third time and asked the union to accept an 8% pay cut. The union refused. It meant that if the average employee was making $50,000 per year they would have to settle for $46,000 per year. Now, they’ll get $0.00 per year.

The reason is ideology. As unions grow they get arrogant and socialist and the gimme mentality overcomes reason.  As visible today with Trumka and SEIU. It becomes the welfare mentality, fostered by a leftist radical Democratic Party, that thinks like Lenin and Stalin did.

And, that is Obama’s mentality.
And, just look at the Democratic women- Especially the newly elected to House and Senate. They are so hard left and so sick in their thinking that any word of opposition to Susan Rice is labled racist and sexist.

No, it is that she is in the Obama-Valerie-Jarrett mindset of hateful ideology. It is the mindset that makes it impossible for Arabs and Muslim Brotherhood to do anything but strive forever (or, until the end of time) that Israel and every Jew in the world must be dead. The dumb fools in the Western World ( including Jewish Democrats ) don’t understand because they all want to stay stupid or harbor the same antisemitism.

Reaganman – Contributor

Fools who should have known better

Anyone want to know about…?

The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem keeping tabs on Jewish building in Greater Jerusalem,

or Thomas Pickering’s dealings with Hamas,

or George Soros’ International Crisis Group and his Open Society Institute…

They are all designed to smooth the road for Hamas and to get what it wants: delegitimize Israel.

Officially, the Obama White House can say the right things while under the table making sure that Israel can never do enough to get security. Right now – years of rocket attacks and bomb shelters and constant interference with normal life and school, Israel is prevented from dealing with the normal problems of an economy under siege because daily life is not possible and the cost in treasure and blood is incalculable.

And what is the truth?

Except for the 1967 War (where as the sages would say and the Torah scholars) it started with the right thing… -a preemptive strike on Nasser’s air force. On the ground there were quick moves and then a victory that was truly miraculous. Torah teaches that when God acts, response must be immediate and right away.

They then threw it away re: The Western Wall and Temple Mount. Then, as usual, under pressure from United States, European Union and the United Nations and everybody else, they began giving up of victories and getting nothing in return. Always making it possible for the Arab World to continue its drive to kill every Jew in Israel and the World. The phony words go on from the so-called friends of Israel. They talk in public but sabotage in private. Israel can never have security. The one time they could have risen to take Islam’s prize in Jerusalem (a time when God had given Israel the psychological edge), they did not take advantage of it – like not putting the blood on the doorposts so the Angel of Death. It killed the Jewish firstborn too. It killed those who thought it was too soon for the Exodus. “We won’t go and we won’t approach our Egyptian neighbors for gifts.”

This analogy is proper for Israel in 1967 and ever onward. The Israeli governments of left and right acted in fear of Washington and UN and the EU and they always fall prey to false hopes, unreality, and plain stupidity.

Even the Jewish orthodox fail to take God at His Word.

And now it’s waiting for the Final Holocaust and the Samson Option. Even the wisest of the Jewish writers and scholars stay in fairytale land, and always on the cusp of death.

And why is it I have to be the only one who can see what it’s all about…

I guess because it’s no fun being made a fool of and Jews from smartest Rabbis to the most secular who don’t give a damn. They are congenital fools and I refuse to be that way –

They are fools who should have known better.

Reaganman – Contributor

It’s understanding the milieu in which you’re functioning

November 13, 2012

Six days ago and just hours after the crushing political defeat known as the 2012 elections, I wrote a letter to Grassfire team members that has already gone further than I ever imagined.

In that letter, I openly shared how the Election Day defeat left me feeling like a political “exile” in my own land. And yet, I found hope in a 2,500-year-old letter to exiles written by the prophet Jeremiah that got me out of bed early the next morning and ready to take on the challenges to come.
That letter had a clear message to exiles of all ages: Build! Plant! Bless! And Pray!
From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, Grassfire

Point being: nothing new under the sun, and the further point being not enough of being true to core principles.

It’s understanding the milieu in which you’re functioning, the demographics you’re dealing with and the media propaganda levels, mores and morality and how the population has been inculcated with dependency or individuality.

Political approach cannot succeed if it doesn’t meet tests of understanding the population you’re trying to influence – and therein lies the success of immorality:

Dependency and democratic socialism and redistribution and faith, honor and belief in man and God.

The latter is a heavy burden, the former is not.

Reaganman – Contributor

Almighty reason to pull the plug

Pray for US Banner Image

Exactly what Obama wants.

Cripple companies,

make economy worse,

all part-timers,

no company can afford full-time with health insurance,

so deep recession,

Fed still printing money,

health insurance companies go bankrupt,

everyone forced into government exchanges,

so with a stroke single payer socialized medicine,

Israel condemned at Security Council for killing Hamas in Gaza, deal with Putin, and Morsi makes his Sinai move at Israel’s expense, and in the chaos that’s what executive orders in the desk are all about…fiscal cliff.

Why worry… the American electorate is so congenitally brain dead after all the years of being brainwashed, they blame Republicans for the Democrat Red Fascism that gives the Almighty reason to pull the plug on the whole damned thing.
And you’ll not hear the clergy say anything appropriate…

…because they don’t have the guts.
Reganman – Contributor

The overriding cycles of the planet would not be halted

Global warming and cooling and ice ages and tropical periods have occurred since the beginning of the planet.

With the fall of the Soviet Union the Communists became American environmentalists to continue the job of Obama’s shock troops to destroy American capitalism.

A supreme example of environmentalism and radicalism is preventing the forest service from cleaning and clearing the forests and controlled burning to permit air and water to enter from above, to permit cutting, to permit new growth but the lunatic left goes to court, gets injunctions from ignorant liberal judges, and then everyone wonders why the wild fires rage and the country burns and people lose their homes – that is the ignorance of modern environmentalism.

A balance always has to be struck between people’s freedom and free exercise thereof and if their personal practices are dangerous to the group. We obviously don’t have people smoking in an incubation room for newborns in a hospital, but folks smoking and playing poker in somebody’s den is a free act of free people.

– If you want to say smokers have to pay double for their health insurance okay, but it is more important that freedom be maintained than that perfect safety and security be achieved –

Think of the millions killed because some fanatic like Mao, Stalin, or Hitler wanted to make a new world racial, political, or economic.

And you can’t deny that scientists to get government money lie about their results and the implications thereof.

East Anglia was a put up job and if we to get all civilization to end carbon burning, the overriding cycles of the planet would not be halted.

Reaganman – Contributor



The Republicans threw this election just like the Black Sox in 1919. Ohio was Obama’s because of fraud. The Democrat coalition is made up of Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and radicals.


In every close swing state, I wouldn’t be surprised if fraud played a major part in Obama’s winning and while we know a lot of the conservative base stayed home because Romney wasn’t pure enough for them there was fall-off on the other side too.

So, that’s not the explanation…

It’s fraud.

Allen West is rightfully demanding a full recount. Florida, another good place for fraud, is to give Obama a narrow carry.

That is why finally as I’m fed up with my fellow Jews voting Democrat and I’m washing my hands of them (Especially orthodox, where if it’s Satmar and not Lubavitch, it’s anti-Israel). They can act that crazy, and these next four years will literally produce the end of American Constitution and democracy.

Mark my words… Card check is going to force winning union elections because the goon squads will be let out and it is simply unfathomable how Republicans can be so gutless, stupid, and worthless
( – just like the lemmings that marched into Arbeit Macht Frei and Stalin’s Gulags).

It’s not worth much being a kid growing up in today’s America.


Reaganman Contributor