It is an amalgam of great strength and great morality

If only the Orthodox to the Reform, all branches of Judaism, would understand that it is not religious devotion (re-turning lights on Shabbos, no driving, candle lighting).

No, it is the ultimate blend of peace through strength, the strength being both military and moral.

If only Jews and Rabbis had the smarts to see that the virtues of a newly married having a year of draft deferment, of not cutting down an enemy’s fruit trees, of leaving a field open in the sabbatical year, of the gleanings and the corners, of all the moral and categorical imperatives replete in Torah, none contravene that the Land of Israel was to have been from Mediterranean to Euphrates –

David & Solomon came close, but at their best, no cigar.

It is an amalgam of great strength and great morality. One without the other is worthless and an abomination both for the secular humanist left that scorns God and the Orthodox continuum that so values religious ideological purity that the Heaven of Third Temple and Messiah is their vision and so by not bending to reality and the Reagan 80% rule of fealty and devotion they always risk losing the brass ring as they alienate those who might have opened the door.

That’s an old story.

Through evil kings who were apostate, through political error and hubris many times backing the wrong horse, ignoring the prophets. With the Hasmoneans, throwing away the achievement of the Maccabees at least getting viable autonomy, the dynasty blended king and priest. It was a flagrant violation of basic principles of Hebraic jurisprudence, which led to an invited Rome to settle a dispute. That led to losing independence, indeed the very life of the nation and its Temple amid bloody extermination. Then came a Reform Jew, Jesus, who sought to make things right for an oppressed people. All that followed was not his fault. I think that the Pharisees got a bad rap… -without the philosophy and practice and service of the Pharisees, Judaism would have ceased to exist.

That’s another story.

So nearly two thousand years of exile and degradation … today in Israel it’s happening again.

From the establishment of the State in May 1948, 5 days Iyar, Israel was founded on quicksand.

If the prime ministers would have only from the beginning said to the world, US, UN, EU, everyone:

“Peace when the Moslem world Sunni and Shiite declare in Arabic by all Imams and Ayatollahs that Allah and the Prophet honor the creation of a Jewish Homeland. They have suffered and died for three thousand years and introduced monotheism into the world. So this truncated Mandate Territory is established as a Jewish state. This is what is acceptable by us.”

That should have been said. Then they could have adjusted minor questions of permanent boundaries but not before. Moreover, there should be no talk of “right of return.” If they really want that, there should then be talk of returning countless billions in reparations for the Jews expelled from the Arab world. Then they should talk about trillions in reparations for those ancient Hebrews who were enslaved two thousand plus years ago in Egypt (with compound interest, it’s maybe twenty trillion dollars more than the world’s national debt).

That time was in ‘48.

Instead the Socialist abandonment of the heart and essence of Torah and Talmud – the blend of strength and morality – was cast aside by Hebraic secular humanism and the desire for an end to persecution for all the major and minor holocausts Jews have historically endured have rotted the soul to its foundations.

The reform are under the delusion of running away from religion and the orthodox are running away from reality and wrapping themselves in Haredi unreality without unity means. Once again the Arabs know time is on their side and whether it’s Iran or Syria or Russia or plain Jewish civil war which all leads to the loss of will and Zionism and nationalism –

The people refuse to come to grips with what should be their destiny and the secular left and its Rabbis for Obama still mouth in secular humanist terms -death to Israel. In the mind of the Jewish left, how sick it is.

Vote Democrat and resurrect Hitler’s vision.

For Shame.
Reaganman – Contributor

Does ACORN proud

I just saw a Minnesota video about getting a registration to fill out for somebody who’s not with you has no ID and you don’t have to show yours either. All you have to do get the name on the voting rolls then vote for Obama in November.

Does ACORN proud …and this is from The Board of Elections.

That’s why DOJ makes up lies about minorities being deprived of right to vote by lacking identification. Holder and The Black Panthers are also out to steal elections in all those states where it’s close by not getting ballots out to military voters. However, as many illegal votes are allowed as possible because Obama must win

Even worse, the gutless GOP establishment has no fight in them, just mealy-mouthed words and no guts!

I’m kind of afraid to watch the debate tomorrow night because I’ll probably get a stroke from what Romney doesn’t have the guts to say and the lies that will fill the ocean from Obama’s mouth.

Even more so, I will likely rage at the questions that weren’t asked that should have been.

American politics used to be where both sides loved their country – but, that’s gone forever. The new Democratic Party is a hymn of hate for America…

and capitalism

and enterprise

and freedom

It comes from all the religions in the democratic coalition.
Our media, which should raise hell and expose this farce…

-is the Democrat “Amen” Corner.

Reaganman – Contributor

On the rocks

Just read about the record Antarctic ice (which is the vast bulk of the world’s ice).

But that doesn’t fit the red fascist agenda of the democratic party and world socialist left to destroy capitalism and freedom and truth and I think are President acts as if he were their prophet. So, the prostitute media goes overboard of it on Arctic melting. Sadly millions upon millions of erstwhile good people are led by the nose by the Pied Pipers of anti-Americanism…and vote accordingly.

Too bad too many Republican suck-ups like the “Ethanol Crowd” – They’re a prime example of economic dislocation- wasting the world’s food supply for cheap political reasons. Everyone knows that it’s not good for cars or oil efficiency or even environmentalism!

Will the Republican establishment ever get real or do they really think wasting money wins elections?


I’ve given too much already.

Expose the regulations, the Czars, the crowd that has full access to the White House, and look at the 2,000 dead in Afghanistan, how many died under the Obama Administration and for what good purpose? No good purpose!

Better start saying the unthinkable: if you want the 1984 world and the Animal Farm world fine vote Obama.

When will the Republicans open their gutless mouths!?!

Reaganman – Contributor