Understanding first hinges on Jewish Americans firmly voting for Romney

Understanding hinges on Jewish Americans firmly voting for Romney, getting Obama out. The high echelons of the military from Petraeus at CIA to Panetta and Dempsey at Defense are firmly in Obama’s pocket.

Just look at a Wall Street Journal editorial re: the Obama’s military disarmament, the emasculation of the Navy -and all the lying and denial about it.


We went into Iraq for a good reason, but the Democrats played a good political game on that and the surge …and won. Saddam was deposed, but we did everything wrong and Bush lost his presidency. Obama campaigned on getting us out … and won. Even without the financial mess, public opinion was on his side.

Now, Israel wants no American troops, but with Morsi and the Brotherhood, Moslem groups in America that are close to Hillary and living in the White House, unless and until the American Jewish world wakes up and they stop playing the political corruption game in Israel – Olmert should be in jail, not a possible return to politics – but nobody pays a price and in Likud Moshe Feiglin is the one who makes sense but is to Likud what Begin and Herut were until chaos led to his victory and even he with a divided public gave in to Sinai withdrawal for which we pay a perpetual price because the best of friends play the surrender game for us and “Israel is not really a Sovereign State.”

Who can even think about “Land for Peace?”

The world’s propaganda machine is run from Riyadh and other Arab capitals and Israel’s PR is so pathetic, even the Israel Defense Forces guys who come here on Public relation campaigns really say nothing of substantive strategic or military value. They just give us just the usual liberal stuff…

-Which is irrelevant.

Reaganman – Contributor

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