What counts is the quiet, calm persona

I would have preferred for Romney to be an angry partisan and rip Obama (metaphorically) to shreds.

However, that would not have been to presidential and what counts is the quiet, calm persona that moderates, women and the undecided can expect in their potential President and Commander in Chief.

That being said, most everything Obama said was full-up with and an incredible amount of half truths, distortions, and plain out lies.

It is obvious the State Department, with a Jihadist sympathizer as Hillary’s top aide, is not going to hurry to supply security to an American consulate in Benghazi. One could say Obama and State are responsible for the death of the four Americans.

And of course Romney could have made more clear the difference between a socialist and a free market interpretation and approach – and relative to General Motors and the Government bailout what could have been said is that it was a bailout first and foremost of the UAW and the big Delphi parts company not being UAW got nothing and was shafted. It is still Government Motors and the Treasury does not want to sell its share at a loss. The deal was not a success and a controlled bankruptcy that honored the bondholders in accordance with rule of law would have been more just in accordance with American law. However, rule of law means nothing when Obama plays politics and sucks up to the union muscle that pays the Democrat Party’s bill and provides the muscle.

Furthermore, if any Jew can look in a mirror and say Obama is a friend of the Jews and a friend of Israel – well, that Jew has to believe that pork is kosher or worse, he’s a socialist! The same would apply to the Christian friends of Israel and given the orientation of the mainstream Protestant establishment. The Christians United for Israel, the Jerusalem Prayer Teams of the world, and Gary Bauer are worth their weight in gold – because the vast Christian left, to the dismay of many of their congregants, has gone towards the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and that is a disgrace both to Christianity and to Israel.

Reaganman – Contributor

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