They even lie about his lies

CNN editor congratulates Candy Crowley on doing a great job.

She did a great job for the President.

American journalism is still in Obama’s pockets. There is not even a claim of objectivity anymore because American media today (by Democrats) is as controlled as the German media was for Hitler.

The other point is this that this current Administration has such contempt for any living breathing American – Are there any in the media who aren’t brain dead socialist liberals? – Look at that debate – they even lie about his lies.

For the record, our current American Administration lies through its teeth and deserves no credit for bin Laden because he was in hiding and totally out of the loop. He was just a tolerated elder statesman with no policy or operational function.  Honestly, only traitors, fools and the Democratic liberal base even could think that was the end of Islamic terrorism.

The religious left in America doesn’t help either.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is just kidding itself. – They’re a tiny minority banging their heads against the wall. They think that just because the Democratic Jewish vote dropped from 78% to -say 67% is a big deal.

Well, it’s not.

Just look at how the Jewish liberal paper rags in Florida and prominent liberal Jews like Bronfman, Dershowitz, and Koch. They think about Obama as their forbears thought about Roosevelt.

And, they won’t be separated.

To be ecumenical about it the same applies to Catholics who go to Mass and desecrate the Church’s teachings on all the social moral issues.

So stop making excuses for liberals.

They are what they are.

…and to hell with them.

Reaganman – Contributor

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