Our America of tomorrow

It is no exaggeration to say that  Europe will soon be Muslim and Sharia will be the law.

Christianity will be dead in Europe because the establishment lost its soul generations ago and there is no Christian ideology, and Judaism in Europe that drives rational thought. It is long dead as Jews are killed and beaten, and Northern Europe (Scandinavia) is absolutely Hitlerian. Of course, there are also very few Christian (only Muslim) babies being born and Europe today.

This may also be our America of tomorrow.

That is Obama’s dream.

It overrides the lies about the economy and fairness and illegal amnesty and the rest of it all. It is in the shadow cast by the Islamic caliphate. This will be accomplished because Jewish and Christian clergy for all their sectarian procedural knowledge are so ignorant of reality they, in my opinion, should all be defrocked.

The finest way to destroy God and America today is to vote Democrat.

And you won’t here this truth from Romney / Ryan and the Republican establishment because the media would call them liars. Our American electorate has been educated in ignorance for so long, that we can believe that 2 and 2 now equals 5 because Obama says so.

Rest in peace my American friends …unless the enemy gets driven from office in November.

Reaganman – Contributor

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