Hitler’s lies, Stalin’s lies and Mao’s lies!

We’ll soon know, come November, if the country goes down the flush.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are just not compatible with-

• Big government socialism

• Crony capitalism

• A tax structure designed to eliminate private sector growth

• And, a foreign policy absolutely deliberately philosophically designed to reduce America to an irrelevant just another socialist state taking orders from the Soros’s of the world.

So I just gave a significant donation to add to what I’ve already given to a multitude of causes because this is it, either Romney is elected and the Senate goes Republican or else…

…The double voting, cemetery vote, illegal vote, provisional ballot vote, no voter ID vote -will continue in power the party of Obama, Reid, and Axelrod.

It’s upsetting to me. They have violated every standard of law, truth, honor and honesty and have put this nation on an unsustainable path to debt deficit bankruptcy. It’s for the purpose of making us a Marxist Sharia state. We will be part of the new world government. Another federation, where everything America fought and died for -from revolution to Afghanistan- is rendered a nullity as we are led to  a Socialist Serfdom. One fashioned in the name of “Fairness” and “Redistribution.”

Their lies are no different than Hitler’s lies, Stalin’s lies and Mao’s lies!

And now… It’s Democrat lies!

Obama’s lies.


Reaganman – Contributor

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