The situation we live with to this day

Given the history of the 20th Century one can say that the greatest of all errors was the elimination of the draft. At the time both liberals and conservatives each thought they would benefit from its elimination.

Ultimately blamed for tearing the country apart, Vietnam War fought on the basis of a draft did tear the country to pieces.

However, we should also look at the socioeconomic changes in the American family structure. Like- how families were supported and by whom…what kind of religious faith fortified the people… the structure and influence of religion (and did the state respect it or seek to destroy it…overall moral relativism and free sex and abortion for all.

Basically, it was the elimination of moral constructs to guide a society and the constructs of Johnson’s “Great Society” encouraged the loss of our collective morals, patriotism and overall faith in God and Country. These created the situation we live with to this day.

Nobody today really cares about the military because they’re all volunteers. There’s no real counter-force to using men and women improperly for political purposes and no end to misjudgments of sacrificing people for nothing with no clear strategy except reelection.

There’s also no end of support groups set up by the Administration to help the troops survive all the military cuts and rules of engagement that no one should have to fight under. Society should be marching and crusading to bring our folks home.

The Arab spring and the denial of security to our diplomatic personnel is on purpose. Constant lies and phony talk are all we get while this administration works for the appeasement of radical Jihad to the point where Islam seems to be the government of this country. Everything is couched in and must not insult “The Prophet.”

In the old days of British India, before partition, they used to rub pork grease on the bullets to keep the Indian Muslims under control. The simple answer to Muslim hegemony is simple – go back to the Hegira and the Christian World in pre-modern times. They fought Muslim imperialism at Battle of Tours and then Battle of Vienna and prevented Islam from conquering all of Europe and destroying (literally) Christianity. Unfortunately, Europe has lost its soul and its faith. Looking at current demographics, Christian secularism and outright cowardice total loss of reason for living, Islam is doing a great job of long-term conquest.

I wonder if today’s America placed was placed back into World War II time. Would California be part of the Japanese Empire? Would America to the Mississippi River be the crown jewel in Hitler’s world empire of the Thousand Year Reich?

And in the America of old, which believed in God and not the atheism and immorality of secular humanism would never elect a con man whose roots and sympathies are with his “father’s dreams” that could put an end to end to capitalism and bring on the triumph of socialist redistribution.

And in the America of old, we would never see the likes of the revolutionary mindsets inhert in Alinsky and Ayers and false prophets as in Wright! They could never have been conceived as anything but far out fringe.

And the America of old, would we see the shame of the 2008 Republican Party…

…Fouled by George bush and led to destruction by a John McCain who refused to expose the truth and the hell that was coming to our economy, caused at root, by a Democrat housing bubble with great Republican contribution. Even if we acknowledge, that “The business cycle is just a business cycle,” McCain did not fight for the soul of America.

They also contributed to the situation we live with to this day.


Reaganman – Contributor


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