An administration devoted to the victory of the radical left

The coordinated killing of the Ambassador and three comrades on 9/11 and the enemies recent successes elsewhere by world Islamic Jihadist forces (that includes anywhere we have wasted multi-billions and thousands of lives for nothing) proves the Obama lie of of killing Bin-Ladin his only achievement (…and it’s a non- achievement).

It was a 100% political stunt to cover an “Emperor with no clothes” who’s still running a Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme on the entire world. Currently his sites are centered on the American electorate. The truth is -America’s ruling circles, media and so-called “wise men” are all ideological cronies of the revolution. They have elevated Marxist economics and perpetrate the fraud of green energy.

Now they are working in tandem to reelect an Administration devoted to the victory of the radical left. –And Radical Islam.

The rank anti-American anti-capitalist nature of our current Administration is just the Holy Writ of the Democratic Party. They spend hundreds of millions and will seek as many illegal votes as necessary to stay in office like when they enabled illegal felons to vote for Franken in Minnesota.

The republican National Committee better have hundreds of lawyers in every battleground state because this November it’s “Chicago Rules” time! I pray that this doesn’t turn out like Kennedy/ Nixon in 1960- I don’t want this election be stolen too.

We should fight and tie it up in court for months if necessary…

Unless Romney just flat out wins -and there’s no question about it.
Reaganman – Contributor


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