Facts and figures

Annually, our federal spending breaks generlly breaks down spending into three main catagories National Defense, Education, Interest on Debt and Entitlements.

62% are on Entitlements!

Which Administration in the past six decades has had the highest annual deficits (spending money on credit)?

Yup, Obamas!

How much in taxes will President Obama’s new health law add to America’s tax burden over the next 10 years?

$500 billion Dollars!

Between Education, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs and Net Interest on Debt, which one was the most money spent on?

Interest paid on debt (Deficit) – $227 billion annually!

These are facts and figures!

Reforming entitlements would save $2.48 trillion dollars annually.

If our country is foolish enough to vote for four more years of expanding government entitlements and an increase to the out of control borrowing, we are heading clear into bankruptcy.


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