It would have been nice if somebody asked America if we wanted the revolution

I was reading how people listened to the recent debate and have made up their minds.

The truth burned like sunlight on a monster.

Still, I’m struck by the Republican failure in 2008 and why then they refused to expose Obama’s past and roots with domestic terrorism, his relationships with hard-core radicals (who advocated the violent destruction of the United States). I remember the cowardice of the Republican establishment to shout to the heavens about the radical anti-American hatred that was brought to the table. It was not business as usual or politics as usual.

Obama in his term has unalterably changed the parameters of power how the executive branch can in essence rule without Congress. How and why have our Congress and the courts become rubber stamps?

Frankly, I think that they’re afraid now to do otherwise.

And so, the basic parameters of American constitutional practice have been changed forever. Even if Romney wins, that will still be true. He is not going to alter the un-balance of power. He cannot be expected to permanently alter the state of government and it’s deeply rooted anti-Israel and anti-Semitism of the ruling circles and bureaucracy of our State and the intelligence community.

The straw that broke the camel’s back…

I think it was the 2008 Jewish vote. An abomination like the Hellenist Jews burning pork sacrifices on the altar in the days of the Hasmoneans.

I ‘ve decided that all solicitations (good and bad) will be referred to the Liberal Democrat Voting Jewish Organizations -mailing lists.

They will get nothing more from me – I think that we should  save it all for the kids, grandkids, and the conservative organizations still left in America that are fighting for our freedom and constitution.

In 2008 the Republican machine should have had asked me to make a presentation to the American people explaining everything about this President’s transformational and transformative views. He never would have been elected.

The problem is America has been spoiled. Even the bad Presidents who screwed up like Johnson on Vietnam, Kennedy and The Bay of Pigs…and especially Carter’s Iran hostage taking debacle – they without question considered themselves Americans and thought they were doing the best they could.

The difference today?

Obama plainly said he was bringing revolution to America in terms of transforming our society to suit his ideology. No one, especially The Media & gutless Republicans ever went to the mat to demand what he was talking about. They never asked any questions and Gutless John kept a metaphorical muzzle on Sarah’s mouth! (so why did he put her on the ticket?)

It was like Lenin overthrowing the monarchy and installing Communism.

It would have been nice if somebody asked America if we wanted the revolution.

Reaganman – Contributor

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