Equality of opportunity is all we really need

Last Friday’s WSJ had an article about Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia campaigning in the state with Barack Obama.

Building on the 47% dependency statement, which is true in terms of not paying Federal income taxes, just FICA, ignoring the waiver for political pandering purposes. Webb, like all Democrat politicians ignored the virtue of his background of honorable military service and called out Romney for no military service and then suggested that veterans who get benefits have a culture of dependency. So, he’s standing with a man whose entire life has been devoted to destroying every vestige and instrumentality of America’s greatness, constitution, bill of rights, tradition of being the benefactor of the world and saving the world from totalitarian dictatorship.

Unfortunately, that’s the new norm for democratic politicians!

When you talk to kids in college the answers you get are reeking in PC liberalism. They are constantly spouting the Marxist economic ideology, multiculturalism, of course, the secular humanist relativism that permits desecration of Christianity and Judaism -but bows down to Islam.

For what reason?

Several reasons: Radical Islam through the Brotherhood, MSA, ISNA and CAIR has a place of honor in the White House and Obama is their chief lobbyist. Theologically and ideologically -both Islam and liberalism are social structures of regimentation and conformity – a strict way of life dictated by Commissar or Imam.

That didn’t used to be the case, but liberalism is no longer freedom. It’s leftist conformity to the state of dependency. We see this in Europe where the recipients of security riot when their profligate societies are bankrupt and their governments must do something to avoid the Weimar alternative.

Of course in America, leftist schools and colleges, graduates and professors would have a hard time discussing the Weimar alternative. They just know to hate the 1% percent and just mouth all the socialist nostrums that make a Hitler, Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi happy indeed.

Clergy should hang their heads in shame. The orthodox for emphasizing strict religious forms as insulation from the world, and the secular clergy for being social activists while ignoring the fundamental truths of faith in God that are based on the Bible and Constitution. No one in our society is ever promised equal achievement.

What is really promised in a free and democratic society is:

equality of opportunity!

Reaganman -Contributor

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