Does ACORN proud

I just saw a Minnesota video about getting a registration to fill out for somebody who’s not with you has no ID and you don’t have to show yours either. All you have to do get the name on the voting rolls then vote for Obama in November.

Does ACORN proud …and this is from The Board of Elections.

That’s why DOJ makes up lies about minorities being deprived of right to vote by lacking identification. Holder and The Black Panthers are also out to steal elections in all those states where it’s close by not getting ballots out to military voters. However, as many illegal votes are allowed as possible because Obama must win

Even worse, the gutless GOP establishment has no fight in them, just mealy-mouthed words and no guts!

I’m kind of afraid to watch the debate tomorrow night because I’ll probably get a stroke from what Romney doesn’t have the guts to say and the lies that will fill the ocean from Obama’s mouth.

Even more so, I will likely rage at the questions that weren’t asked that should have been.

American politics used to be where both sides loved their country – but, that’s gone forever. The new Democratic Party is a hymn of hate for America…

and capitalism

and enterprise

and freedom

It comes from all the religions in the democratic coalition.
Our media, which should raise hell and expose this farce…

-is the Democrat “Amen” Corner.

Reaganman – Contributor

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