On the rocks

Just read about the record Antarctic ice (which is the vast bulk of the world’s ice).

But that doesn’t fit the red fascist agenda of the democratic party and world socialist left to destroy capitalism and freedom and truth and I think are President acts as if he were their prophet. So, the prostitute media goes overboard of it on Arctic melting. Sadly millions upon millions of erstwhile good people are led by the nose by the Pied Pipers of anti-Americanism…and vote accordingly.

Too bad too many Republican suck-ups like the “Ethanol Crowd” – They’re a prime example of economic dislocation- wasting the world’s food supply for cheap political reasons. Everyone knows that it’s not good for cars or oil efficiency or even environmentalism!

Will the Republican establishment ever get real or do they really think wasting money wins elections?


I’ve given too much already.

Expose the regulations, the Czars, the crowd that has full access to the White House, and look at the 2,000 dead in Afghanistan, how many died under the Obama Administration and for what good purpose? No good purpose!

Better start saying the unthinkable: if you want the 1984 world and the Animal Farm world fine vote Obama.

When will the Republicans open their gutless mouths!?!

Reaganman – Contributor

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