Understanding first hinges on Jewish Americans firmly voting for Romney

Understanding hinges on Jewish Americans firmly voting for Romney, getting Obama out. The high echelons of the military from Petraeus at CIA to Panetta and Dempsey at Defense are firmly in Obama’s pocket.

Just look at a Wall Street Journal editorial re: the Obama’s military disarmament, the emasculation of the Navy -and all the lying and denial about it.


We went into Iraq for a good reason, but the Democrats played a good political game on that and the surge …and won. Saddam was deposed, but we did everything wrong and Bush lost his presidency. Obama campaigned on getting us out … and won. Even without the financial mess, public opinion was on his side.

Now, Israel wants no American troops, but with Morsi and the Brotherhood, Moslem groups in America that are close to Hillary and living in the White House, unless and until the American Jewish world wakes up and they stop playing the political corruption game in Israel – Olmert should be in jail, not a possible return to politics – but nobody pays a price and in Likud Moshe Feiglin is the one who makes sense but is to Likud what Begin and Herut were until chaos led to his victory and even he with a divided public gave in to Sinai withdrawal for which we pay a perpetual price because the best of friends play the surrender game for us and “Israel is not really a Sovereign State.”

Who can even think about “Land for Peace?”

The world’s propaganda machine is run from Riyadh and other Arab capitals and Israel’s PR is so pathetic, even the Israel Defense Forces guys who come here on Public relation campaigns really say nothing of substantive strategic or military value. They just give us just the usual liberal stuff…

-Which is irrelevant.

Reaganman – Contributor

What counts is the quiet, calm persona

I would have preferred for Romney to be an angry partisan and rip Obama (metaphorically) to shreds.

However, that would not have been to presidential and what counts is the quiet, calm persona that moderates, women and the undecided can expect in their potential President and Commander in Chief.

That being said, most everything Obama said was full-up with and an incredible amount of half truths, distortions, and plain out lies.

It is obvious the State Department, with a Jihadist sympathizer as Hillary’s top aide, is not going to hurry to supply security to an American consulate in Benghazi. One could say Obama and State are responsible for the death of the four Americans.

And of course Romney could have made more clear the difference between a socialist and a free market interpretation and approach – and relative to General Motors and the Government bailout what could have been said is that it was a bailout first and foremost of the UAW and the big Delphi parts company not being UAW got nothing and was shafted. It is still Government Motors and the Treasury does not want to sell its share at a loss. The deal was not a success and a controlled bankruptcy that honored the bondholders in accordance with rule of law would have been more just in accordance with American law. However, rule of law means nothing when Obama plays politics and sucks up to the union muscle that pays the Democrat Party’s bill and provides the muscle.

Furthermore, if any Jew can look in a mirror and say Obama is a friend of the Jews and a friend of Israel – well, that Jew has to believe that pork is kosher or worse, he’s a socialist! The same would apply to the Christian friends of Israel and given the orientation of the mainstream Protestant establishment. The Christians United for Israel, the Jerusalem Prayer Teams of the world, and Gary Bauer are worth their weight in gold – because the vast Christian left, to the dismay of many of their congregants, has gone towards the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and that is a disgrace both to Christianity and to Israel.

Reaganman – Contributor

They even lie about his lies

CNN editor congratulates Candy Crowley on doing a great job.

She did a great job for the President.

American journalism is still in Obama’s pockets. There is not even a claim of objectivity anymore because American media today (by Democrats) is as controlled as the German media was for Hitler.

The other point is this that this current Administration has such contempt for any living breathing American – Are there any in the media who aren’t brain dead socialist liberals? – Look at that debate – they even lie about his lies.

For the record, our current American Administration lies through its teeth and deserves no credit for bin Laden because he was in hiding and totally out of the loop. He was just a tolerated elder statesman with no policy or operational function.  Honestly, only traitors, fools and the Democratic liberal base even could think that was the end of Islamic terrorism.

The religious left in America doesn’t help either.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is just kidding itself. – They’re a tiny minority banging their heads against the wall. They think that just because the Democratic Jewish vote dropped from 78% to -say 67% is a big deal.

Well, it’s not.

Just look at how the Jewish liberal paper rags in Florida and prominent liberal Jews like Bronfman, Dershowitz, and Koch. They think about Obama as their forbears thought about Roosevelt.

And, they won’t be separated.

To be ecumenical about it the same applies to Catholics who go to Mass and desecrate the Church’s teachings on all the social moral issues.

So stop making excuses for liberals.

They are what they are.

…and to hell with them.

Reaganman – Contributor

Our America of tomorrow

It is no exaggeration to say that  Europe will soon be Muslim and Sharia will be the law.

Christianity will be dead in Europe because the establishment lost its soul generations ago and there is no Christian ideology, and Judaism in Europe that drives rational thought. It is long dead as Jews are killed and beaten, and Northern Europe (Scandinavia) is absolutely Hitlerian. Of course, there are also very few Christian (only Muslim) babies being born and Europe today.

This may also be our America of tomorrow.

That is Obama’s dream.

It overrides the lies about the economy and fairness and illegal amnesty and the rest of it all. It is in the shadow cast by the Islamic caliphate. This will be accomplished because Jewish and Christian clergy for all their sectarian procedural knowledge are so ignorant of reality they, in my opinion, should all be defrocked.

The finest way to destroy God and America today is to vote Democrat.

And you won’t here this truth from Romney / Ryan and the Republican establishment because the media would call them liars. Our American electorate has been educated in ignorance for so long, that we can believe that 2 and 2 now equals 5 because Obama says so.

Rest in peace my American friends …unless the enemy gets driven from office in November.

Reaganman – Contributor

Hitler’s lies, Stalin’s lies and Mao’s lies!

We’ll soon know, come November, if the country goes down the flush.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are just not compatible with-

• Big government socialism

• Crony capitalism

• A tax structure designed to eliminate private sector growth

• And, a foreign policy absolutely deliberately philosophically designed to reduce America to an irrelevant just another socialist state taking orders from the Soros’s of the world.

So I just gave a significant donation to add to what I’ve already given to a multitude of causes because this is it, either Romney is elected and the Senate goes Republican or else…

…The double voting, cemetery vote, illegal vote, provisional ballot vote, no voter ID vote -will continue in power the party of Obama, Reid, and Axelrod.

It’s upsetting to me. They have violated every standard of law, truth, honor and honesty and have put this nation on an unsustainable path to debt deficit bankruptcy. It’s for the purpose of making us a Marxist Sharia state. We will be part of the new world government. Another federation, where everything America fought and died for -from revolution to Afghanistan- is rendered a nullity as we are led to  a Socialist Serfdom. One fashioned in the name of “Fairness” and “Redistribution.”

Their lies are no different than Hitler’s lies, Stalin’s lies and Mao’s lies!

And now… It’s Democrat lies!

Obama’s lies.


Reaganman – Contributor

The situation we live with to this day

Given the history of the 20th Century one can say that the greatest of all errors was the elimination of the draft. At the time both liberals and conservatives each thought they would benefit from its elimination.

Ultimately blamed for tearing the country apart, Vietnam War fought on the basis of a draft did tear the country to pieces.

However, we should also look at the socioeconomic changes in the American family structure. Like- how families were supported and by whom…what kind of religious faith fortified the people… the structure and influence of religion (and did the state respect it or seek to destroy it…overall moral relativism and free sex and abortion for all.

Basically, it was the elimination of moral constructs to guide a society and the constructs of Johnson’s “Great Society” encouraged the loss of our collective morals, patriotism and overall faith in God and Country. These created the situation we live with to this day.

Nobody today really cares about the military because they’re all volunteers. There’s no real counter-force to using men and women improperly for political purposes and no end to misjudgments of sacrificing people for nothing with no clear strategy except reelection.

There’s also no end of support groups set up by the Administration to help the troops survive all the military cuts and rules of engagement that no one should have to fight under. Society should be marching and crusading to bring our folks home.

The Arab spring and the denial of security to our diplomatic personnel is on purpose. Constant lies and phony talk are all we get while this administration works for the appeasement of radical Jihad to the point where Islam seems to be the government of this country. Everything is couched in and must not insult “The Prophet.”

In the old days of British India, before partition, they used to rub pork grease on the bullets to keep the Indian Muslims under control. The simple answer to Muslim hegemony is simple – go back to the Hegira and the Christian World in pre-modern times. They fought Muslim imperialism at Battle of Tours and then Battle of Vienna and prevented Islam from conquering all of Europe and destroying (literally) Christianity. Unfortunately, Europe has lost its soul and its faith. Looking at current demographics, Christian secularism and outright cowardice total loss of reason for living, Islam is doing a great job of long-term conquest.

I wonder if today’s America placed was placed back into World War II time. Would California be part of the Japanese Empire? Would America to the Mississippi River be the crown jewel in Hitler’s world empire of the Thousand Year Reich?

And in the America of old, which believed in God and not the atheism and immorality of secular humanism would never elect a con man whose roots and sympathies are with his “father’s dreams” that could put an end to end to capitalism and bring on the triumph of socialist redistribution.

And in the America of old, we would never see the likes of the revolutionary mindsets inhert in Alinsky and Ayers and false prophets as in Wright! They could never have been conceived as anything but far out fringe.

And the America of old, would we see the shame of the 2008 Republican Party…

…Fouled by George bush and led to destruction by a John McCain who refused to expose the truth and the hell that was coming to our economy, caused at root, by a Democrat housing bubble with great Republican contribution. Even if we acknowledge, that “The business cycle is just a business cycle,” McCain did not fight for the soul of America.

They also contributed to the situation we live with to this day.


Reaganman – Contributor


An administration devoted to the victory of the radical left

The coordinated killing of the Ambassador and three comrades on 9/11 and the enemies recent successes elsewhere by world Islamic Jihadist forces (that includes anywhere we have wasted multi-billions and thousands of lives for nothing) proves the Obama lie of of killing Bin-Ladin his only achievement (…and it’s a non- achievement).

It was a 100% political stunt to cover an “Emperor with no clothes” who’s still running a Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme on the entire world. Currently his sites are centered on the American electorate. The truth is -America’s ruling circles, media and so-called “wise men” are all ideological cronies of the revolution. They have elevated Marxist economics and perpetrate the fraud of green energy.

Now they are working in tandem to reelect an Administration devoted to the victory of the radical left. –And Radical Islam.

The rank anti-American anti-capitalist nature of our current Administration is just the Holy Writ of the Democratic Party. They spend hundreds of millions and will seek as many illegal votes as necessary to stay in office like when they enabled illegal felons to vote for Franken in Minnesota.

The republican National Committee better have hundreds of lawyers in every battleground state because this November it’s “Chicago Rules” time! I pray that this doesn’t turn out like Kennedy/ Nixon in 1960- I don’t want this election be stolen too.

We should fight and tie it up in court for months if necessary…

Unless Romney just flat out wins -and there’s no question about it.
Reaganman – Contributor


Facts and figures

Annually, our federal spending breaks generlly breaks down spending into three main catagories National Defense, Education, Interest on Debt and Entitlements.

62% are on Entitlements!

Which Administration in the past six decades has had the highest annual deficits (spending money on credit)?

Yup, Obamas!

How much in taxes will President Obama’s new health law add to America’s tax burden over the next 10 years?

$500 billion Dollars!

Between Education, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs and Net Interest on Debt, which one was the most money spent on?

Interest paid on debt (Deficit) – $227 billion annually!

These are facts and figures!

Reforming entitlements would save $2.48 trillion dollars annually.

If our country is foolish enough to vote for four more years of expanding government entitlements and an increase to the out of control borrowing, we are heading clear into bankruptcy.


It would have been nice if somebody asked America if we wanted the revolution

I was reading how people listened to the recent debate and have made up their minds.

The truth burned like sunlight on a monster.

Still, I’m struck by the Republican failure in 2008 and why then they refused to expose Obama’s past and roots with domestic terrorism, his relationships with hard-core radicals (who advocated the violent destruction of the United States). I remember the cowardice of the Republican establishment to shout to the heavens about the radical anti-American hatred that was brought to the table. It was not business as usual or politics as usual.

Obama in his term has unalterably changed the parameters of power how the executive branch can in essence rule without Congress. How and why have our Congress and the courts become rubber stamps?

Frankly, I think that they’re afraid now to do otherwise.

And so, the basic parameters of American constitutional practice have been changed forever. Even if Romney wins, that will still be true. He is not going to alter the un-balance of power. He cannot be expected to permanently alter the state of government and it’s deeply rooted anti-Israel and anti-Semitism of the ruling circles and bureaucracy of our State and the intelligence community.

The straw that broke the camel’s back…

I think it was the 2008 Jewish vote. An abomination like the Hellenist Jews burning pork sacrifices on the altar in the days of the Hasmoneans.

I ‘ve decided that all solicitations (good and bad) will be referred to the Liberal Democrat Voting Jewish Organizations -mailing lists.

They will get nothing more from me – I think that we should  save it all for the kids, grandkids, and the conservative organizations still left in America that are fighting for our freedom and constitution.

In 2008 the Republican machine should have had asked me to make a presentation to the American people explaining everything about this President’s transformational and transformative views. He never would have been elected.

The problem is America has been spoiled. Even the bad Presidents who screwed up like Johnson on Vietnam, Kennedy and The Bay of Pigs…and especially Carter’s Iran hostage taking debacle – they without question considered themselves Americans and thought they were doing the best they could.

The difference today?

Obama plainly said he was bringing revolution to America in terms of transforming our society to suit his ideology. No one, especially The Media & gutless Republicans ever went to the mat to demand what he was talking about. They never asked any questions and Gutless John kept a metaphorical muzzle on Sarah’s mouth! (so why did he put her on the ticket?)

It was like Lenin overthrowing the monarchy and installing Communism.

It would have been nice if somebody asked America if we wanted the revolution.

Reaganman – Contributor

Equality of opportunity is all we really need

Last Friday’s WSJ had an article about Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia campaigning in the state with Barack Obama.

Building on the 47% dependency statement, which is true in terms of not paying Federal income taxes, just FICA, ignoring the waiver for political pandering purposes. Webb, like all Democrat politicians ignored the virtue of his background of honorable military service and called out Romney for no military service and then suggested that veterans who get benefits have a culture of dependency. So, he’s standing with a man whose entire life has been devoted to destroying every vestige and instrumentality of America’s greatness, constitution, bill of rights, tradition of being the benefactor of the world and saving the world from totalitarian dictatorship.

Unfortunately, that’s the new norm for democratic politicians!

When you talk to kids in college the answers you get are reeking in PC liberalism. They are constantly spouting the Marxist economic ideology, multiculturalism, of course, the secular humanist relativism that permits desecration of Christianity and Judaism -but bows down to Islam.

For what reason?

Several reasons: Radical Islam through the Brotherhood, MSA, ISNA and CAIR has a place of honor in the White House and Obama is their chief lobbyist. Theologically and ideologically -both Islam and liberalism are social structures of regimentation and conformity – a strict way of life dictated by Commissar or Imam.

That didn’t used to be the case, but liberalism is no longer freedom. It’s leftist conformity to the state of dependency. We see this in Europe where the recipients of security riot when their profligate societies are bankrupt and their governments must do something to avoid the Weimar alternative.

Of course in America, leftist schools and colleges, graduates and professors would have a hard time discussing the Weimar alternative. They just know to hate the 1% percent and just mouth all the socialist nostrums that make a Hitler, Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi happy indeed.

Clergy should hang their heads in shame. The orthodox for emphasizing strict religious forms as insulation from the world, and the secular clergy for being social activists while ignoring the fundamental truths of faith in God that are based on the Bible and Constitution. No one in our society is ever promised equal achievement.

What is really promised in a free and democratic society is:

equality of opportunity!

Reaganman -Contributor