Questions anyone?

I am so very sorry and upset that our Ambassador was killed.

Okay,  now I have questions.

How many of the rioters were killed as they were storming into the consulate? Were there any dead? So, there were two Ex-Navy Seals as part of the security team inside that consulate and NONE of the invaders died? Two of the world’s most elite trained bad assets were there! Those seals were killed and they didn’t take anyone with them? The Ex-Seals didn’t kill anyone! What about the U.S. Marines, the worlds other legitimate bad asses?


They would have fought like tigers, to the death!-

They had not been ordered not to. Those Seals and Marines were not armed. It’s obvious what’s wrong with this picture.

Who gave that disarm order? Who told them not to fire on the invaders?
The State Department and Hillary Clinton should be called on the carpet to answer these questions! That consulate is SOVEREIGN United States territory in accordance with international treaties and international law. I think, though I am not sure, that the United States does have a second line of defense inside any embassy or consulate. The invader bodies should have been stacked up like cord wood if those Seals and Marines were armed! The Marines and Seals would have had a preplanned dependable, defensive position stocked with ammo and weapons…

…unless they were ordered not to do so.

Who gave that order? Was our government’s show of “good faith” the reason why our folks were murdered? Were there no weapons available to our people?

But who am I?

… just an old veteran who probably does not understand how to properly kiss the rear of our enemies.

In this instance, you’ve got to ask a pro at that sort of thing

…our current President (God, help us)!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF AMERICA: I never thought it could ever happen, but the above is one hundred percent true.


They were not drafted, and so there’s no political lobby to howl to the heavens because after all “they volunteered.” It’s not like Vietnam when the Democrats rose up and drove their Democrat president from office. Unfortunately, the American people sold their souls in 2008 and elected non-patriots who sacrifice American diplomats and service personnel because they volunteered.

Um, any questions?

Reaganman – Contributor

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