Don’t let the moderators who are in the Obama team’s pocket do the steering

What to do?

Please tell me when the Republican National Committee going to go to the top of Romney and Ryan campaign and have them do ads asking the important questions? They should make it a point to bring up the difficult subjects to Obama directly at the debates even if that means telling the Obama moderators to…(expletive deleted)!

Ask in the ads and the debates the right questions.

Don’t let the moderators who are in the Obama team’s pocket do the steering.

Question 1:

What made you deny Major Hasan was a Jihadist terrorist even though he proclaimed it during his gunfire?

Question 2:

You said, “…I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot (quoting his words on redistribution).”

Did you mean to emulate Stalin’s policies when he expropriated the small landowners’ land in Russia in the name of collectivization and wound up killing over five million of them and enslaved the survivors?

Question 3:

There are people who file as individuals, have a gross for husbands and wives in small businesses of 300,000, pay taxes, insurances, upkeep of vehicles, and the pay state and local taxes and fees, traffic and parking tickets, also have one employee with wages. They pay FICAs, health insurances, and contribute to 401Ks and maybe then net after everything —the equivalent of poverty line!

Are they rich in your world of taxes or were you just lying for Chicago political purposes?

Question 4:

Have you changed your position on killing a surviving fetus after an unsuccessful abortion?

Question 5:

Israel cannot give up an inch of Golan. They risk making a mistake by giving up Gaza to become a Jihadist base. How do you honestly look at a map of Israel and see that there is no room for defense in the Jordan Valley against any sustained attack?

Republicans must ask these questions because no one with the political muscle has or can.

As it is now, the degree of media bias and plain intervention in the political process is such that the networks and the major print organs should have to register as democrat campaign operatives.


Reganman  – Contributor

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