When you fail to make the case

The same intellectual ferment that came with the Enlightenment and the development of ideologies to improve the lives of the people through the early and middle 19th Centuries became the philosophical basis of progressivism.

This first flowered in America with the late Teddy Roosevelt and became decidedly entrenched in the Wilson Presidency. Roosevelt greatly enlarged it and Lyndon Johnson engorged it even more.

Now Obama has raised it to European levels. This involves Communism and State Socialism based on the Marx and Engels version of progressivism.

Redistributionist concepts have taken over the heart, soul and mind of our people. Many are not have not been properly educated in limited state, limited power. That’s why the conservative forces in America are nearly at a loss on how to counter the utopian mindset.

When you fail to make the case, you lose.

So republicans, the simple truth is that were America in 1940 in the philosophical political and economic shape Europe it would not have been possible for America to have become the arsenal of democracy. At that time, Roosevelt was faced with the exigencies of having to defeat Hitler and Togo. So his administration had to set aside his socialist dreams revert to capitalism (even though it probably ate his heart out).

I have never understood why the realities and lessons learned during World War II never really formed the catechism that could unify all wings of the Republican Party.

However, Romney could still try and make that case today

All he has to do is link the ideology of failed European socialism with the history of American progressivism.

All better known as the Democrat party!

Just use that simple concept in every ad from now to Election Day. If the people still want European socialism cloaked with the lies of Obama, Democrats, and the media,

So be it –

We can at least say that we gave it our best shot. If a country wants to die, the inexorable forces of history will not stand in the way.

reaganman – Contributor

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