America, we have a problem

Remember the Astronauts of the Apollo 13 moon mission?

…Broadcasting hose faithful words, Houston, we have a problem.

America, we have a problem.

The gender gap elects Obama. Be it single women, college coeds, single moms – it is all about women who look to government for support monetarily, emotionally and psychologically through daytime television and a panoply of other means.

Hispanics elects Obama. Republicans and conservatives are constantly being blamed for making illegals seem like they’re axe murderers sucking the blood out of America… What other way should they respond?

Even though they believe in God, oppose abortion, go to church, support the concept of free market economy, oppose socialism, have the entrepreneurial spirit, they’ll vote Obama because of psychological smarts, path to citizenship, some amnesty, not blaming kids for their parents.

The Jewish vote elects Obama. Both orthodox and non-orthodox and/or secular lost their track many years ago when their first freedom came from Enlightenment. Napoleon’s socialist thinking and the brave new world of the secular left  gave Jews a non-threatening home.  And so, a mindset was created that years later gave Roosevelt 85-90% of the Jewish vote -and will still give Obama  a huge majority  come November.

They are buying into the hard core extremist domestic terrorist views (Bill Ayers and company). They are those who favor an ideological and political-economic blend  of Marx and Mohammed covered with the facade of class struggle and hatred. Sprinkle in a hefty amount of redistribution… have all fogged up the world and mind beyond repair.

Why doesn’t God send a sign. Brilliant clergy who know everything about everything are tongue-tied and don’t know what to say.

God sends me no sign, but I know what to say!

God sends no signs, does not prevent holocausts from Rome to Christianity to Hegira to Crusades to Cossacks to our current Hitler like experience. Now, the imminent Radical-Islam experiment – However, he does expect the Jew or Gentile who have core beliefs to fight against god hating (communism, socialism, fascism, syndicalism) ideology to simply remember how America came to be.

Remember the Hebrew, Greek and Latin of the old New England colleges that gave the founders their inspiration to set up the American Constitution.

Is that too much common sense for those who think they know it all? Why do they think it’s Government’s job to cure and heal the world. Democrat office holders are selling us out to a political allegiance where party always comes first. They’ve forgotten God and religion …even if they ostensibly believe in it.

Houston, Are you there?

Women, elect Obama. They may wind up as women with no civil rights and no feminism –

They will have a problem.

Hispanics, elect Obama. They will find that in the brave new world coming. In Christian Europe and Russia, birthrates very low. Radical-Islam Europe, however, is expanding and coming. Christian Hispanics, like my fellow Jews, will become the new Untermenschen. So, your voting Obama will do them no good either.

They will have a problem.

We will all have a problem.

Like the Apollo mission, “Failure is not an option!”


Reaganman – Contributor

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