For nothing

And I see that the Pentagon, under orders, issues military manuals shorn of reference to Islamic terror and Islamic threats. I guess we can never accuse the radical terrorists of 9/11 fame or the Ft. Hood massacre of being anything nasty because Obama doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

We just sent the last of the surge troops home from Afghanistan. It kind of reminds me of Vietnam. We were someplace without really knowing what we were doing – we lost that time and we’ve lost now.

In today’s Afghanistan we decided to back another gangster, Karzai. He serves at the pleasure of the Taliban. We can tell because allied and American troops are shot in the back by Afghan army nationals (or planted Taliban in Afghan uniforms). Our less than worthless government leadership lies and spins. Press Secretary Carney’s fairy tale stories get worse and worse!

We can also no longer maintain great power presence in the Middle East because radical Islam in the White House is dictating policy. We don’t even have a sufficient Navy for the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean seas because this Administration is too busy spending and borrowing us into bankruptcy.

We’ve been “Hope and changed” into the sewer of history and when he’s reelected, what we knew of America will be lost…

For nothing!

Reaganman – Contrbutor

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