For both heaven and country…

Given the truth and the lies spread by New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and the rest of the prostitute mainstream, Obama and his media are the folks that can never learn the truth -so they keep voting Democrat.

Given the grizzly end of Ambassador Stephens… will this be the fate of Israel in our President’s second term?

I also think about what might happen here in the United States. I wonder if Jews and Catholics will have the protection of Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sure! In ancient times and under Sharia law, Dhimmi status was afforded to Jews and Christians. One can only hope that the same might be true in the second term of a Muslim-compliant Obama administration.

Also, as a Christian, his actions speak louder than words. Remember, he spent 20 years listening to the sermons of a preacher who screamed from the pulpit anti-American rants like “…No, no-no! …Not, God Bless America! …God Damn America!”

I wonder how many of the American people… who love both heaven and country… can by any stretch of the imagination vote Obama-Democrat.

God only knows.


Reaganman – Contributor

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