Remember it happened in days of Rome, in days of Crusaders, in days of Czars, and in the days of Hitler.

Michael Freund is chairman of Shavei Israel ( which assists lost tribes and hidden Jewish communities to return to Israel and the Jewish People.

He writes weekly in The Jewish Press, this was from Friday, May 18th…

“Hard to believe but true the naked treason that occurs in Israel’s colleges and universities and “democracy” prevents the incarceration that should come to those who brain wash Jewish kids to hate God, Judaism and Israel.”

Now for the point:

Entitled: Stop Funding Tel Aviv University The article discusses the TAU allowing a student group to hold a ceremony commemorating “Nakba-Day” when Palestinians bemoan the establishment of Israel.

The service included the recitation of the Arab version of Yizkor to be a double insult to Jews and Israel. Some of the quotes from Jewish students show the depth of the brain washing. They forget all of history where the Ben Gurion founders begged the Arabs to stay, but the surrounding nations told their people directly, “If you stay with the Jews you will die with the Jews when we come to kill them.”

In the sick self-hating minds of leftist intellectuals who both here and in Israel can out-Nazi the Nazis, you honestly don’t have to be a detective to identify the various leftist Israel self-hating groups that fund the DNC and this way of thinking.

Freund had another good line,

“Promoting Nakba Day is a crucial political goal of the Palestinians. Giving it a platform not only fosters a false narrative of history, but it also plays directly into the hands of those who wish to dismantle the Jewish state.”

Remember it happened in days of Rome, in days of Crusaders, in days of Czars, and in days of Hitler. Never say in light of the ultimate leftist goals -that it can’t happen again.

It sure as hell can!
Reaganman – Contributor

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