An open letter to the American Medical Association

Dear Sirs,

I wish to state as a Medicare enrollee that you have done a great disservice to your profession by not fighting, but rather acquiescing and collaborating with ObamaCare.

In light of the fact that when a surgeon or other practitioner does an operation or a non-operative procedure on a patient, one can see that in essence, that the patient received a welfare benefit from the doctor. Based the totals received by the doctor from Medicare and the Supplement, it’s easy to see that the doctor allowed to perform the surgery was not compensated properly. Honestly, given the level of education and degree of competence one has to go through to practice medicine- it’s near insulting.

And now, what applies to Medicare will apply to all levels of population, and there will be no reason for any young person to enter the medical profession and go through the rigor of medical school, internship and residency in order to achieving Board Certified Status. Additionally, Those few who do enter, will accumulate a quarter of a million dollars in medical-student loans that will still need to be paid off.

American medical schools are going to  prepare doctors now on how to enter the government workforce.  This debases, demeans and desecrates the whole concept of Constitutional liberty that federalism entails as well as quality medicine!

It looks to me like the government mindset in Washington DC moved heaven and earth to eradicate quality for quantity.

Please don’t just apologize. You should grovel and beg forgiveness from me and your members.

reaganman – Contributor

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