Mitt put up his mitts!


Romney Takes on Media as They go Nuts Covering for Obama

GOP presidential candidate MItt Romney isn’t backing down. Not only is he sticking to his early statement which blasted the Obama administration’s “apology” to muslims in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Romney also stood before the media and held a very presidential press conference. The media were in a frenzy trying to explain Obama’s actions, but Romney held firm.

We Conservatives are worth listening to.  Pay attention to the media conspiracy as Obama’s “Charlie McCarthy’s” try to smear Romney.
Be advised, Romney just said what Ronald Reagan would have said years ago.

These are insane times! Apologies to radical Islam breeding an open hatred of Christians and Jews, this Obama Administration (aided by John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton -plus Democrats in house and senate) reflects those who would burn the Torah and bury the Cross and lie about it as long as it helped re-elect Barack Obama …and ruin the country to hell!
When are the Republicans going to put up the ads of Romney saying what Reagan would have said?

I have had my doubts about Romney, but Mitt put up his “mitts” and, for a change, I’m proud of him.

Reaganman – Contributor

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