Radical Muslims should have some appreciation

Radical Muslims have no appreciation…

They should be very happy that their man is in the White House. Why do they insist on attacking American Embassies, Consulates and burning American flags? Don’t they know that might make Obama look bad even to the worthless liberals of all religions who still give money and votes to Obama and plan on reelecting him?

For the fifty or so years the West and America and Europe have pressured Israel to commit suicide and give everything over to the Arabs. They say one thing in English for European and American consumption and the opposite in Arabic for the Jihad on Jews and Coptic Christians. As usual, Hillary Clinton’s State Department comes out with its “sucking up” message to Radical Islam – just like Madeleine Albright would – Morsi did his thing in English and Arabic. Radical Islam has nothing to fear – Iran will get it’s weapons!

Obama is too busy campaigning to speak to Netanyahu. He makes public the understanding that he will take NO steps to make Iran think twice about going nuclear. He figures the drone strikes make him immune to charges of being, “soft on terror.” So, he goes on killing a few here and there… in Yemen or Pakistan or Afghanistan… just to keep up the “show.” There’s nothing serious here to Morsi who still gets the Billion dollars of our taxed money. Coptics still face killings and church burnings.

Radical Muslims have no appreciation…

They should be happy that Romney is in a 1948 “Dewey-thinking-mode.” He thinks that he can coast to a win. His base is crumbling because they’re fed up with his pusillanimity.

Republicans are worthless, gutless and they don’t understand how the culture has irrevocably changed. We have generations of Americans still being brainwashed from liberal-utopia thought. Many American people do nothing but get welfare and entitlements; they just keep buying the Democrat-Socialist lies…

…and then, do nothing for the survival and defense of the United States.

No appreciation…

Reaganman- Contributor

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