Every dictator has a constituency

It doesn’t look good. Below is the speech that I feel Romney has to give.

In Cold War days you didn’t have to be a Communist Party member to be a subversive, just being a Communist sympathizer like the Hollywood Ten is more than sufficient. So Obama doesn’t have to be a Muslim but he is in heart and soul and attitude to Israel —a profound Muslim sympathizer. Just read the online blurb Wall Street Journal: “The White House rejected Israeli calls for clearer U.S. limits that Iran can’t pass without risking military conflict.”

He will do nothing before the election to rock the boat. When he’s reelected and he doesn’t need Jewish votes he can then rely on Moslem votes (and money) in America for the Democrat Party. Obama like Henry VIII a paraphrase – “Will Someone Rid Me of those Meddlesome Jews.”

And now, to his speech:

Every dictator has a constituency.

Obama rails against millionaires and billionaires.

Well, most billionaires are on Wall Street and corporate executives in the crony capitalist order are on the take. They take bailouts, just like in the GM deal. Let us not forget that they bankrupted the bondholders (many of them small business investors) while that money enriched the corporate executives and paid off the UAW!

That’s how men and muscle to do the “Chicago thing” in every big city.

Too often -the media spins and lies and does not call out Obama.
I think about the whole idea about “…preserving Medicare as we know it…” is full of bloody lies …and Obama lives on bloody lies.

That’s how he got elected in 2008.

Just look at unemployed and underemployed and part-timers and all the women who have to support their families. Obama lies through his teeth on phony promises about tax cuts. He has no intention of doing such a thing. He’s high tax, redistribution; elevate government – in the European mindset of government – leader
Look into his soul – He has the radical soul of Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky – the soul of Socialism – When the curtain falls, those union votes he bought not have any collective bargaining rights in Obama’s NEW America.

The facts: freedom requires sacrifice.

I promise those fat-cats will lose their fat and all of us will have to sacrifice because they’ve killed the dollar, killed the military and prevented military votes from being cast and counted – Just remember the Democrat election rigging from 1960 Illinois to 2000 Florida! Just a few years ago, Norm Coleman won a fair honest in Minnesota. Then, Al Franken and the Democrat machine changed the count.

We can still get our country back to capitalism and freedom and opportunity! It’s always been our choice!

We need to worry about the knock on the door of the impending dictatorial state. We can be safe there too… as long as we keep our mouths shut. –

Democrats still talk about Nixon’s enemies list – well, in Obama’s America, the half or more of America that believes in God, freedom both political and economics will still be on Obama’s enemies list.

So, America, it’s your choice. Just remember one state’s motto – live free or die.

You know Mitt Romney stands for life, God, and living free.

He must.

Reaganman- Contributor

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