Sadly again, the world is watching and doing nothing.

There were many Germans who voted Nazi after the 1920s. They were not evil people. They had just lived through the breakdown of the German state experiencing rampant inflation of catastrophic proportions. The destruction of the middle class, and the rise of great hedonism…. so why not follow a smooth talking leader who told them of the greatness for Germany. He would be the one to revenge them against the British and French who he said starved them, humiliated them, and made a mockery of their beloved country. He told them that they had done no wrong and that they deserved revenge. Not surprising that he got the most votes.

Flash forward:

The American voter in 2008 had been lied to and deceived about the housing boom. New homeowners were NOT told they’d have to make payments they couldn’t afford. Many were just told. “It’s the American dream, and you have a right,…you are entitled!” Then the Democrats made hay with their lies and deceit. Sadly, the Republicans were afraid to tell the truth. Then there was that terrible day of reckoning and unfortunately, the Republican president lacked the courage to confront what the Democrats had done. He vacillated, equivocated; he was unable and unwilling to go to the mat during this struggle to save the country. So, his party lost the battle….

Obama won the 2008 war because the American people lost faith in the ability of the Republican Party to govern and were enamored with the Bernie-Madoff-Con of Barack Obama.

So now the question is:

Will the Republicans, in the short time before November, talk sense to the American people? (Just as Adlai Stevenson used to say)

And another question:

Will they call out Obama, Axelrod and the other leftist economists for every lie they tell and yarn they spin?

If the Republicans fail again we might be left a shell of our once great nation. Will will be in the deepest hole of special interests, compliant, crony capitalist-socialism with a military so depleted we could never again fulfill our world role. In fact, we might not have any role at all.

Here’s a scary scenario that I think is possible. Armageddon may well come because surrounded by her enemies, Israel can be likened to Carthage– Because Israel was not permitted by the world to maintain the fruits of it’s victory as other nations do in the world. Let’s face it- the world hates Israel. Worse, are their own liberal traitors who mouth such lies as “land for peace!” –Meanwhile, they all wait… Iran and Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah and Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. – They’ll all do nothing until after the November election so Obama can be reelected. I fear, the floodgates will then be let open for Israel to be destroyed. I think that the Obama government will play its game and the only alternative is for Israel will be to die alone will be the “Samson-Option” taking as many with them as possible.

The lie of peace with those who want you dead should not continue… Unfortunately, the self-delusion and self-deception by American liberals of all religions continues.

It should bother us all that the Democratic Convention did not amend the platform –- the delegates steeped in the leftist propaganda.

Sadly again, the world is watching and doing nothing.

God help us all.

Reaganman Contributor

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