GOP should make good use of history

A friend recently wrote to me:

One way to get to know who a person is, is to examine whom he associates with. Rather than going through a list of all of President Obama’s friends and acquaintances, I am listing four people who were his mentors as a young man, up through his Chicago days.

Mentor #1: Journalist, poet, communist and beloved friend Frank Marshall Davis.

Mentor #2: Black Panther lawyer college professor, racist and anti-semite, Khalid al-Mansour. he got Obama admitted to Harvard, along with a $250,000 grant.

Mentor #3: College professor and terrorist, bomber of the Pentagon, Bill Ayers. Ayers launched BHO’s 1st campaign and ran two non-profit foundations with him.

Mentor #4: Syrian born real estate developer and slumlord, convicted briber, Antoin (Tony) Resko. He was Obama’s biggest campaign donor and Obama represented him as a lawyer.

Republicans should have pushed the above in 2008. Obama is a hardcore leftist devoted to his father’s vision of a dead capitalist America. He has perpetrated the greatest lie and fraud in the history of America.

However, it gets worse.

Besides the Democratic delegates including the contingent that was enraged at the attempt to put God and Jerusalem back in the platform which they did for Obama’s re-election but in violation of democracy and the delegates.

It gets even worse.

At the same time as the White House declared the Haqqani network a terrorist group even though it is part of the Pakistani network for that war (I think our involvement should have ended six years ago with those Afghan soldiers killing their American trainers).

Yes, even worse.

Obama and the Democrats removed the language calling Hamas a terrorist group and removed the language calling for Arab refugees being settled in the new Palestinian state. In essence, they have opened the door to Arafat’s long desire to have the refugees settled in Israel proper. This will eliminate Israel’s irrevocably as anything but another Arab state.

The fact is- that’s the democratic party position.

Romney and Ryan and the entire GOP should make good use of this history. Anyone can see the danger in voting these “leaders” another term.

Reaganman Contributor

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