Where are the established and establishment?

The greatest fraud in the history of the world is re-nominated. Given America’s educational system and the media and the moronic babble one hears from Democratic delegates, he sure can be re-elected with Republicans afraid to go the Chicago street fighter’s route.

Where are the established and establishment?

Romney better think about that Wednesday night fraudulent amendment of the Democrat platform. Those delegates obviously shouted against God, Jerusalem and Israel. They are hardcore abortion loving leftists who share Obama’s hate for God, Israel and America. He may even win! So far, our side doesn’t have the stomach to call them on their insanity.

We’ll soon see if the Republican establishment is worth a damn or the same bunch of underachievers they were four years ago when McCain “ran to lose.”

I remember the Democrat Dodd and Frank act and the whole idea of that  faulty operation was based on …fairness. That legislation forced banks to give countless thousands of mortgages to people who had no hope of meeting the payments!

…and what did the establishment do? — George Bush did not fight.

Instead, he kowtowed to Democrats (his compassionate conservatism -that gave us Part D and –Obama.

The Party should have paid for a half hour where he could have made a mea culpa. Just apologized for surrendering to Democrats – not vetoing – “giving in, and going along.” He should have made the most passionate defense of economic capitalism and political freedom there ever was!

But, he didn’t.

The Republicans got creamed and now we honestly face the end of Western Civilization – Have you listened to college educated Elizabeth Warren?- It sounds like she has zero knowledge of anything. She’s just a mouthpiece for the extremists who used to be thrown out of the Party. Now they are the Democratic party!

I hope we don’t lose it all this time because Romney didn’t have the guts of a Chicago street fighter (sorry, community organizer).

Reaganman Contributor

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