So, the die is cast

Honest economists and political scientists have determined, as many in my circle have heard me say many times, America’s future under Barack Obama is government by regulation and executive order.

The Democratic platform is a sick and psychotic collection of all the lunacies of the extreme radical left that lives in hate for America. Our new government rules by regulation and executive order; Congress is be skirted at every turn.

When in doubt make an agency impose a regulation. Then upon opposition by Congress take it to any court where it takes years for a resolution. Meanwhile, it is in effect because the judges are uniformly afraid of imposing stays of execution of these regulations because of the claims that they are impeding the process of government. Of course, pressures can always be exerted on individual judges of court challenges and court proceedings…

Let’s look at the history.

Let’s remember the last Supreme Court ruling that vitiated two years of claims of one kind to the American people. Justice Roberts made an impeachable pretzel out of himself. The same thing happened in the 30s as the two liberal Supreme Court judges told the Administration to argue for the constitutionality of Social Security on the taxing power. The conservative bloc on the Court had struck down several New Deal measures by 9 – 0 margins. They had agreed on constitutional bases that the Administration overstepped its authority. However, it’s amazing how the Courts will hold just about anything and everything valid under the taxing power …so that’s how it goes.

Some ask why just doesn’t Congress pass legislation against regulation and executive order? I think that ‘s impossible because our president will simply use the power of his veto and then challenge congress to pass enabling money legislation (or simply continuing resolution) to keep things running. Or, face the prospect of shutting the government down. –We all know nothing scares congress and republicans more than being blamed for shutting the government down.

So the die is cast.

Starting now Romney and Ryan must lead and send a stronger message…

Every republican spokesperson in each branch of congress must hammer away at the current version of government by regulation and executive order. It looks like this administration running our government is acting in the fascist, communist mode of operation!

I think that we should stop being gutless Republicans and start calling Democrats the only term that fits –Red-Fascists! It must be easier to just continue on the current path of letting our current president be a dictator beyond the bounds of the constitution. Honestly, they should shut down the government because congress is article 1, the first article and the executive is second (even though in Obama’s mind he is god and messiah).

I’m sick of gutless Republicans functioning as if they really don’t belong in government and somehow they’re there by the grace of the democrats.

Reaganman Contributor

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