Original intent ignored

I’d like to hearken back to Brooklyn College in the 50s …

I had a political science prof named Dr. Burleigh Cushing Rodick. I remember him stressing the importance of always going to the source when doing a thesis or presentation or even just trying to convince someone of something…anything. I learned to go to the original meaning — like Antonin Scalia –who I think has forgotten more than any thousand judges ever knew!

I remembered his wisdom as I began thinking about Obama’s 2008 eligibility for the presidency. I then decided to research the law as it relates to his natural born citizenship.

Poking around on he web, I noted cases & cited law. Unfortunately, I found them eminently unconvincing because while they all say “natural born citizen,” the words are not used as they are defined by the Constitution, which raises the question: what did the founders mean when they used that term?

The idea is as old as our nation. During our early history, founders considered the likelihood of a British subject coming to, let’s say, Virginia during our nations birth. Let’s say that he married a colonial woman (meaning, a citizen of Virginia) an following the commencement of the Revolutionary War, the lady gave birth to a son. The law states that their son would be eligible as a citizen of Virginia and hence the United States.

He could even become the governor, a congressman or a senator but not President because he was not a natural born son of mother and father both citizens of Virginia or naturalized thereto by the time of ratification.

Flash to the present…

We all know of Obama’s father and the creed that was instilled in his son to do ill to America and capitalism. I believe that on the basis of political expediency and fear of rioting in the streets, our president was then declared eligible However, not in accordance with the understanding of the terms meaning at the time the Founders understood and used that term. He’s just not.

Now I think about Al Gore who still remembers his loss in 2000…. so he calls for no Electoral College.

His warped logic means that the middle of the country need not vote anymore – Add to that the recent amnesty to illegals and voter ID being challenged as unconstitutional, we could now have permanent Democrat majority —forever! (or, until we have State Socialism and Politburo)

Historians can write about how the former Soviet Union was supplanted by the liberal version of The United Soviet States of America.

Reaganman Contributor

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