Like talking to the wall…

A nice lady and long-time old friend had sent me a story, which I passed around.

It’s about an about the old Jewish guy who spent his life praying at the Western Wall. Given all the prayers for peace and mankind and harmony he was asked what it felt like after praying all these years.

He answered, “…like talking to the wall!”

Well, that’s the American problem – Democrats cannot understand that Obama is not just in the radical “Come Home America” tradition of say, George McGovern or the isolationist, Congress in the 1930s.

Republicans cannot understand what Obama is.

First of all, Obama does not obey the law; I believe he thinks that he is above the law. There may even be martial law executive orders ready to go in his desk. I can just imagine Iran, Syria and Hezbollah striking Israel with massive rocket attacks forcing a desperate Israel (finally not being called “he boy who cried wolf) striking Iran’s facilities to at least delay their bomb. It can even come as some some domestic catastrophic event… I can see so many scenarios that could tear the country apart. These become perfect excesses for martial law.

Democrats are always ready to steal a close election, by legal judicial means like in Minnesota with Franken. Or, just by stealing, as in 1948, when the segregationist governor Coke Stevenson had a few thousand votes dumped into the Rio Grande during the Texas primary. Funny how Lyndon Johnson won the 1948 Democrat Senate primary by only 87 votes out of a million, and Jack Kennedy in 1960 was acknowledged to have stolen Illinois. Nixon did not tie up the election in court since it was the dark days of Cold War and Nixon loved his country enough not to contest it.

Most people see Obama not necessarily as a Communist, but social justice advocate. Still, it is the hard left that is always willing to sell out God and anything that stands in the way of New World Order. Just look at the media and Wall Street, Hollywood and the crony capitalists in league with Obama for the government (EPA) to waive regulations for big campaign contributions – were this Republican action, the courts would be on overtime. Democrats are above the law.

I think that if Obama wins the Modern world will be gone as we know it -and that includes Israel for sure and America a few years later …unless you call Islamic America a surviving America.

Reaganman Contributor

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