Questions anyone?

I am so very sorry and upset that our Ambassador was killed.

Okay,  now I have questions.

How many of the rioters were killed as they were storming into the consulate? Were there any dead? So, there were two Ex-Navy Seals as part of the security team inside that consulate and NONE of the invaders died? Two of the world’s most elite trained bad assets were there! Those seals were killed and they didn’t take anyone with them? The Ex-Seals didn’t kill anyone! What about the U.S. Marines, the worlds other legitimate bad asses?


They would have fought like tigers, to the death!-

They had not been ordered not to. Those Seals and Marines were not armed. It’s obvious what’s wrong with this picture.

Who gave that disarm order? Who told them not to fire on the invaders?
The State Department and Hillary Clinton should be called on the carpet to answer these questions! That consulate is SOVEREIGN United States territory in accordance with international treaties and international law. I think, though I am not sure, that the United States does have a second line of defense inside any embassy or consulate. The invader bodies should have been stacked up like cord wood if those Seals and Marines were armed! The Marines and Seals would have had a preplanned dependable, defensive position stocked with ammo and weapons…

…unless they were ordered not to do so.

Who gave that order? Was our government’s show of “good faith” the reason why our folks were murdered? Were there no weapons available to our people?

But who am I?

… just an old veteran who probably does not understand how to properly kiss the rear of our enemies.

In this instance, you’ve got to ask a pro at that sort of thing

…our current President (God, help us)!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF AMERICA: I never thought it could ever happen, but the above is one hundred percent true.


They were not drafted, and so there’s no political lobby to howl to the heavens because after all “they volunteered.” It’s not like Vietnam when the Democrats rose up and drove their Democrat president from office. Unfortunately, the American people sold their souls in 2008 and elected non-patriots who sacrifice American diplomats and service personnel because they volunteered.

Um, any questions?

Reaganman – Contributor

Don’t let the moderators who are in the Obama team’s pocket do the steering

What to do?

Please tell me when the Republican National Committee going to go to the top of Romney and Ryan campaign and have them do ads asking the important questions? They should make it a point to bring up the difficult subjects to Obama directly at the debates even if that means telling the Obama moderators to…(expletive deleted)!

Ask in the ads and the debates the right questions.

Don’t let the moderators who are in the Obama team’s pocket do the steering.

Question 1:

What made you deny Major Hasan was a Jihadist terrorist even though he proclaimed it during his gunfire?

Question 2:

You said, “…I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot (quoting his words on redistribution).”

Did you mean to emulate Stalin’s policies when he expropriated the small landowners’ land in Russia in the name of collectivization and wound up killing over five million of them and enslaved the survivors?

Question 3:

There are people who file as individuals, have a gross for husbands and wives in small businesses of 300,000, pay taxes, insurances, upkeep of vehicles, and the pay state and local taxes and fees, traffic and parking tickets, also have one employee with wages. They pay FICAs, health insurances, and contribute to 401Ks and maybe then net after everything —the equivalent of poverty line!

Are they rich in your world of taxes or were you just lying for Chicago political purposes?

Question 4:

Have you changed your position on killing a surviving fetus after an unsuccessful abortion?

Question 5:

Israel cannot give up an inch of Golan. They risk making a mistake by giving up Gaza to become a Jihadist base. How do you honestly look at a map of Israel and see that there is no room for defense in the Jordan Valley against any sustained attack?

Republicans must ask these questions because no one with the political muscle has or can.

As it is now, the degree of media bias and plain intervention in the political process is such that the networks and the major print organs should have to register as democrat campaign operatives.


Reganman  – Contributor

When you fail to make the case

The same intellectual ferment that came with the Enlightenment and the development of ideologies to improve the lives of the people through the early and middle 19th Centuries became the philosophical basis of progressivism.

This first flowered in America with the late Teddy Roosevelt and became decidedly entrenched in the Wilson Presidency. Roosevelt greatly enlarged it and Lyndon Johnson engorged it even more.

Now Obama has raised it to European levels. This involves Communism and State Socialism based on the Marx and Engels version of progressivism.

Redistributionist concepts have taken over the heart, soul and mind of our people. Many are not have not been properly educated in limited state, limited power. That’s why the conservative forces in America are nearly at a loss on how to counter the utopian mindset.

When you fail to make the case, you lose.

So republicans, the simple truth is that were America in 1940 in the philosophical political and economic shape Europe it would not have been possible for America to have become the arsenal of democracy. At that time, Roosevelt was faced with the exigencies of having to defeat Hitler and Togo. So his administration had to set aside his socialist dreams revert to capitalism (even though it probably ate his heart out).

I have never understood why the realities and lessons learned during World War II never really formed the catechism that could unify all wings of the Republican Party.

However, Romney could still try and make that case today

All he has to do is link the ideology of failed European socialism with the history of American progressivism.

All better known as the Democrat party!

Just use that simple concept in every ad from now to Election Day. If the people still want European socialism cloaked with the lies of Obama, Democrats, and the media,

So be it –

We can at least say that we gave it our best shot. If a country wants to die, the inexorable forces of history will not stand in the way.

reaganman – Contributor

America, we have a problem

Remember the Astronauts of the Apollo 13 moon mission?

…Broadcasting hose faithful words, Houston, we have a problem.

America, we have a problem.

The gender gap elects Obama. Be it single women, college coeds, single moms – it is all about women who look to government for support monetarily, emotionally and psychologically through daytime television and a panoply of other means.

Hispanics elects Obama. Republicans and conservatives are constantly being blamed for making illegals seem like they’re axe murderers sucking the blood out of America… What other way should they respond?

Even though they believe in God, oppose abortion, go to church, support the concept of free market economy, oppose socialism, have the entrepreneurial spirit, they’ll vote Obama because of psychological smarts, path to citizenship, some amnesty, not blaming kids for their parents.

The Jewish vote elects Obama. Both orthodox and non-orthodox and/or secular lost their track many years ago when their first freedom came from Enlightenment. Napoleon’s socialist thinking and the brave new world of the secular left  gave Jews a non-threatening home.  And so, a mindset was created that years later gave Roosevelt 85-90% of the Jewish vote -and will still give Obama  a huge majority  come November.

They are buying into the hard core extremist domestic terrorist views (Bill Ayers and company). They are those who favor an ideological and political-economic blend  of Marx and Mohammed covered with the facade of class struggle and hatred. Sprinkle in a hefty amount of redistribution… have all fogged up the world and mind beyond repair.

Why doesn’t God send a sign. Brilliant clergy who know everything about everything are tongue-tied and don’t know what to say.

God sends me no sign, but I know what to say!

God sends no signs, does not prevent holocausts from Rome to Christianity to Hegira to Crusades to Cossacks to our current Hitler like experience. Now, the imminent Radical-Islam experiment – However, he does expect the Jew or Gentile who have core beliefs to fight against god hating (communism, socialism, fascism, syndicalism) ideology to simply remember how America came to be.

Remember the Hebrew, Greek and Latin of the old New England colleges that gave the founders their inspiration to set up the American Constitution.

Is that too much common sense for those who think they know it all? Why do they think it’s Government’s job to cure and heal the world. Democrat office holders are selling us out to a political allegiance where party always comes first. They’ve forgotten God and religion …even if they ostensibly believe in it.

Houston, Are you there?

Women, elect Obama. They may wind up as women with no civil rights and no feminism –

They will have a problem.

Hispanics, elect Obama. They will find that in the brave new world coming. In Christian Europe and Russia, birthrates very low. Radical-Islam Europe, however, is expanding and coming. Christian Hispanics, like my fellow Jews, will become the new Untermenschen. So, your voting Obama will do them no good either.

They will have a problem.

We will all have a problem.

Like the Apollo mission, “Failure is not an option!”


Reaganman – Contributor

For nothing

And I see that the Pentagon, under orders, issues military manuals shorn of reference to Islamic terror and Islamic threats. I guess we can never accuse the radical terrorists of 9/11 fame or the Ft. Hood massacre of being anything nasty because Obama doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

We just sent the last of the surge troops home from Afghanistan. It kind of reminds me of Vietnam. We were someplace without really knowing what we were doing – we lost that time and we’ve lost now.

In today’s Afghanistan we decided to back another gangster, Karzai. He serves at the pleasure of the Taliban. We can tell because allied and American troops are shot in the back by Afghan army nationals (or planted Taliban in Afghan uniforms). Our less than worthless government leadership lies and spins. Press Secretary Carney’s fairy tale stories get worse and worse!

We can also no longer maintain great power presence in the Middle East because radical Islam in the White House is dictating policy. We don’t even have a sufficient Navy for the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean seas because this Administration is too busy spending and borrowing us into bankruptcy.

We’ve been “Hope and changed” into the sewer of history and when he’s reelected, what we knew of America will be lost…

For nothing!

Reaganman – Contrbutor

For both heaven and country…

Given the truth and the lies spread by New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and the rest of the prostitute mainstream, Obama and his media are the folks that can never learn the truth -so they keep voting Democrat.

Given the grizzly end of Ambassador Stephens… will this be the fate of Israel in our President’s second term?

I also think about what might happen here in the United States. I wonder if Jews and Catholics will have the protection of Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sure! In ancient times and under Sharia law, Dhimmi status was afforded to Jews and Christians. One can only hope that the same might be true in the second term of a Muslim-compliant Obama administration.

Also, as a Christian, his actions speak louder than words. Remember, he spent 20 years listening to the sermons of a preacher who screamed from the pulpit anti-American rants like “…No, no-no! …Not, God Bless America! …God Damn America!”

I wonder how many of the American people… who love both heaven and country… can by any stretch of the imagination vote Obama-Democrat.

God only knows.


Reaganman – Contributor

It’s just another example of the contempt…

The president of Libya said that the attack on our embassy was pre-planned and orchestrated by Al Qaeda and their elements.

Obama says it happened because of a nondescript video. A movie that next to nobody in the Arab world saw.

It’s just another example of the contempt this Administration holds the American people. He, his campaign and a sycophant immoral press in their pocket, are following Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (otherwise know as Rules for Revolution) they intend to create chaos and diversions through their lies.
It’s all upside down. Netanyahu is persona-non-grata and Sharia is their choice of legal weapons sans the Constitution.

I refuse to cooperate in the radical democrat plunge to self-immolation (without the kerosene) –

Reaganman Contributor

Remember it happened in days of Rome, in days of Crusaders, in days of Czars, and in the days of Hitler.

Michael Freund is chairman of Shavei Israel ( which assists lost tribes and hidden Jewish communities to return to Israel and the Jewish People.

He writes weekly in The Jewish Press, this was from Friday, May 18th…

“Hard to believe but true the naked treason that occurs in Israel’s colleges and universities and “democracy” prevents the incarceration that should come to those who brain wash Jewish kids to hate God, Judaism and Israel.”

Now for the point:

Entitled: Stop Funding Tel Aviv University The article discusses the TAU allowing a student group to hold a ceremony commemorating “Nakba-Day” when Palestinians bemoan the establishment of Israel.

The service included the recitation of the Arab version of Yizkor to be a double insult to Jews and Israel. Some of the quotes from Jewish students show the depth of the brain washing. They forget all of history where the Ben Gurion founders begged the Arabs to stay, but the surrounding nations told their people directly, “If you stay with the Jews you will die with the Jews when we come to kill them.”

In the sick self-hating minds of leftist intellectuals who both here and in Israel can out-Nazi the Nazis, you honestly don’t have to be a detective to identify the various leftist Israel self-hating groups that fund the DNC and this way of thinking.

Freund had another good line,

“Promoting Nakba Day is a crucial political goal of the Palestinians. Giving it a platform not only fosters a false narrative of history, but it also plays directly into the hands of those who wish to dismantle the Jewish state.”

Remember it happened in days of Rome, in days of Crusaders, in days of Czars, and in days of Hitler. Never say in light of the ultimate leftist goals -that it can’t happen again.

It sure as hell can!
Reaganman – Contributor

An open letter to the American Medical Association

Dear Sirs,

I wish to state as a Medicare enrollee that you have done a great disservice to your profession by not fighting, but rather acquiescing and collaborating with ObamaCare.

In light of the fact that when a surgeon or other practitioner does an operation or a non-operative procedure on a patient, one can see that in essence, that the patient received a welfare benefit from the doctor. Based the totals received by the doctor from Medicare and the Supplement, it’s easy to see that the doctor allowed to perform the surgery was not compensated properly. Honestly, given the level of education and degree of competence one has to go through to practice medicine- it’s near insulting.

And now, what applies to Medicare will apply to all levels of population, and there will be no reason for any young person to enter the medical profession and go through the rigor of medical school, internship and residency in order to achieving Board Certified Status. Additionally, Those few who do enter, will accumulate a quarter of a million dollars in medical-student loans that will still need to be paid off.

American medical schools are going to  prepare doctors now on how to enter the government workforce.  This debases, demeans and desecrates the whole concept of Constitutional liberty that federalism entails as well as quality medicine!

It looks to me like the government mindset in Washington DC moved heaven and earth to eradicate quality for quantity.

Please don’t just apologize. You should grovel and beg forgiveness from me and your members.

reaganman – Contributor

Had Obama been president in 1947 and 1948, there would have been no Israel.

Had Israel been in existence during the 30s European Jews would have had a place to go within limits of land, air, water, and population. Had Obama been president in 1947 and 1948, there would have been no Israel.

One can excuse the socialism and communist sympathies of this government, there have always been American communists and American socialists many of whom served their country in war and died. One, however, cannot forgive this White House for lying about its role in fashioning the Moslem Brotherhood Islamic Revolution. They’re now taking over and driving America out of the region and furthering the dreams of Caliphate. I think this guarantees that sooner or later Israel will face some challenging days.

Yet, in America, my brothers and sisters in the Jewish faith are in the majority for Obama. They are so blind and devoted to the lie of communist ideology that they will sell God and Torah.

I think that is exactly what Obama intends to accomplish upon his re-election.

Given that the rioting surrounds Israel and the Sinai is beyond the control of the Egyptian military. It looks like open season anarchy and Hamas and Al Qaeda have set the rules. One can expect an attack on Israel on Yom Kippur through the Sinai and Gaza and then into the Negev.

Israel will then be blamed for provoking the enemy and Obama’s America will frown on Israel defending itself against radical Islamic efforts to exterminate it.

Reaganman – Contributor