One Conservative Purist …speaking awkwardly

GOP, Could you please buy me five minutes of national television time? Here’s what I would say:

I’m a Jew from New York who’s always been a political junkie; I remember walking home from P.S. 246 in Brooklyn on the Thursday, April 12, 1945 when Roosevelt (otherwise known as God) died, at least to the Jewish community.

Now to Todd Akin… he’s a pure conservative, a wonderful family man with two daughters, I understand, but here’s the point—In both Jewish and Catholic theology and church teachings the rhythm cycle is faithfully used and in Jewish practice for the orthodox the medium of the Mikveh is used and the Torah is filled with strictures about when to and not to have sex.

Now under normal circumstances, there is a choice, have sex or abstain.

If sex is a voluntary act of sex you’re pregnant- sorry, no abortion. Have baby to keep or put up for adoption – there are thousands of couples going through expensive hell to have a baby – Although, now that we have Obamacare there may not be anymore of that…

For the sake of our nation and for the love of god and America do not make one conservative purist speaking awkwardly for himself (and maybe a few talk show people) cause the National Republican Party to squander our chances of ultimately saving America.

After this election there will never again be a chance to elect good Americans like Romney and Ryan who will fight to the death to save our beloved country.

I didn’t die in 2007 with the aortic aneurysm- God gave me this mission of having a big mouth. I think my big mouth is for a big and important purpose! That’s what Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would say if they were still here, God Rest Their Souls.

From Reaganman- Contributor

Monday night 11/14/2011 Lambeau Field

Those who attended the game said it was extremely emotional to see the entire bowl of the stadium turn red, white and blue. It took 90 workers two weeks to get all of the colored pages mounted under each seat. Each piece of card board had eye slits in them so the fans could hold up the colored sheet and watch the game through the eye slits.

That’s 10 yeas and 2 months after 9/11.

It would have been much better if they just gave donations to the Wounded Warrior Project.

I’d like to call some attention to those United American Patriots defending soldiers charged and imprisoned for doing their job in Iraq and Afghanistan hampered by rules of engagement that encourage Taliban infiltrators in Afghan National Army uniforms to attack American men and women.

From our current Administration we get worthless words and unilateral disarmament when there should be massive cleaning up of the civilian Pentagon work force with ludicrous procurement methods that would bankrupt any private company.  I guess it’s fine to just strip the fighting capability of those Americans still willing to serve our nation.

From Reaganman- Contributor