Makes putting any onus on Donald Trump quite beyond any reasonable debating points

As far as Cold War realism okay, but then came my debating points as follows:

NATO expansion to Russia’s borders aroused fears of encirclement and provoked massive resentment on Putin’s and Russia’s part.

Building a paradigm of massive Soviet imperialism re Ukraine and Crimea based on Khrushchev’s playing internal Communist politics in 1954 and elevating that to some sacred status in international law is grossly fraudulent – ignoring the real activity of the Iran deal fraudulently presented as curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions.


Whereas in truth, side deals, money transfers and failure to exercise the mandate to inspect and constant appeasement of Iran it was a real enabling act on Obama’s part.

Throw in China, which from Bill Clinton’s times with Loral and dual-use technology


U.S. has put up with annual multibillions of intellectual property theft and China’s massive military buildup. It enabled North Korea to run criminal operations for hard currency throughout the world. It also protects North Korea from “outside actors” adverse efforts. So, the U.S. bears great guilt for appeasing China and North Korea for a whole generation.

The concept of our great powerful United States maintaining the international order (given the grave error of Bush’s Iraq War and then Obama’s precipitate withdrawal from Middle East involvement) continues to aggravate the negative consequences of the Arab Spring. Makes putting any onus on Donald Trump quite beyond any reasonable debating points.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


some startling facts

A real expert who’s tracked things as far back as records go in this country and abroad comes up with some startling facts.


Way back say two thousand years found an instance of a lake whose bed contained ocean sand an immense distance from the ocean which proves a storm dwarfing the worse we hear and know about occurred long ago.


And he reminded us that Florida is a new creation, and when founded in the south the population was in the hundreds and not much development so nothing much for big storms to destroy.


Now different-




In terms of storm power available records indicate storms have become less frequent and less powerful.


He also indicated there’s a particular area in the Atlantic that most weather abnormalities that develop with an eye to either tropical storm or one of the big boys and girls, and he’s hoping the involved nations really do some scientific work trying to find out what ocean current or temperature gradients or maybe there’s unique features of atmospheric pressures there that could account for it and maybe we could figure out how to temper nature’s fancy.


Anyway, the current liberal radical progressive hysteria is merely a cover for the left’s hatred of Christian civilization in favor of Socialism. It’s understandable that Trump’s fed up with useless Republicans


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

Why didn’t Congress pass legislation?

Not exactly a secret needing spies to ferret out the truth.

From Washington Times a headline: “More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump.”

New Hampshire has same day voter registration.  Nov. 8 last year 6,500 people registered.  Note that records show vast majority of 6,500 never got in-state driver’s licenses nor registered vehicles in New Hampshire. It’s well-known in political circles that Democrats bus in their voters from Massachusetts to tip close elections.

These are Democrats who scream racism and Republicans are fascists when the subject of voter ID comes up with pictures and signatures. It’s not voter suppression, but rather Democrat lust to win elections by fraud if necessary because winning is the only thing.

And in Virginia’s McAuliffe facilitated felon voting, had to make sure Democrats won again.

And note: Obama always said DACA is illegal unless Congress does it They didn’t!

So he did it by executive order and to Democrats that fine and dandy — unless they run Congress President has to do it. In 2008 election, Dems for 2009 and 2010 had huge House and Senate majorities –


Why didn’t Congress pass legislation?

Because even Democrats with Obama president had a bit of instinct that some things just should not be done.

And right now – Trump told Congress to fix it.



Now’s the time to validate DACA, eliminate anchor babies, and new immigration laws specifying legal procedure all must go through…



NO ANCHOR BABIES AND 100% of immigration must be through legal and accepted channels and no Sanctuary cities.



Seems the Zuckerberg’s of the world don’t have enough billions. Those greedy mother’s want still more money.

THAT’S WHY POPULISM ELECTED TRUMP AND NOW GETTING LEERY OF TRUMP — maybe being conned by Democrats because his ego interferes with his reason and logic.



Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

That’s today’s new America where Trump and the “Deplorables” must be suppressed and demonized.

Before the “All Cylinders” effort to demonize Trump and get him out of office, did we hear about “White Supremacists,” “Neo-Nazis” and “Klansmen?”

I will say, no.

But there was always George Soros’ money and Occupy Wall Street and the hate the One-Percenters


Moneybags who own everything…

But an inconvenient wrinkle was that most of the One-Percenters in Wall Street and Silicon Valley are devoted Democrats.

And it’s not enough to have ANTIFA in black garb and hoods and bats when there’s a cop trying to arrest a black perp.

So what to do?

Well, the Democrat bosses and operators had a good idea — in the colleges: to mold the minds of the kids and spread forth the lie that in these racist times white males are ipso-facto racists


Their free speech based on the founding of America which is bigoted and racist, (see based on slavery) so WALLA, free speech by the wrong people is hate speech and thus ANTIFA’s mission is to change this country…


Now and forever.

Unless you tow the line in speech and action as Germans were forced to do in Hitler’s time, ANTIFA and related agencies and cooperative aspects of governments, like the courts, will enforce the new reality.

That’s today’s new America where Trump and the “Deplorables” must be suppressed and demonized.

OBAMA’s vision must be the new American orthodoxy.



Freedom goes down the drain and the media will keep polluting the American mind… such as it is.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

all consumed with hate and will do anything to get him out – even if it means the country dies

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Born in November 1935 I could not vote until 21 in 1957 when I voted Republican in New York City against Robert Wagner I believe to 1960 when I marched in New York for Nixon and then 1964 with Reagan’s speech and Barry delivering the lines Leo Strauss wrote for him, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in pursuit of justice no virtue.” I have been a passionate Republican conservative, and my patience was sorely tried in 2012 when Romney threw the election after he won the first debate, that being a year when I donated vastly more than I could afford because it was so necessary to take the country back after one term of Obama. However, that was not to be.

And from Trump’s inauguration to today it has been evident to all that what masquerades as the Republican Party is led by certified members of the swamp and the conservative Freedom Caucus violates the cardinal political rule of seeking Perfection rather than being satisfied with the Good.

So I send everything back in a big envelope, and sadly I cannot promise anything to you youngsters other than given the level of leftist progressive hate of America and Israel and their war on decency and free speech and their being consumed by identity politics and support for the world’s forces, progressive and Islamic.  They truly seek to terminate this experiment in self-government that is hanging by a thread.

In the first 200 days what has been accomplished has been what Trump has done – no significant legislation has made it through the swamp.

And given the Democrats and media and the Never Trump Wing of the Republican Party are all consumed with hate and will do anything to get him out; Even if it means the country dies.

So maybe you should think about forming a new nationalist party that believes in borders, language, culture and find a new path to tread upon, for the Republican Party is not worthy of you, and let’s hope North Korea does not force worse than August 1945 upon the planet.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbitt


When a society no longer believes in itself it dies. 

Making the news recently is Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist, not to be confused with Stephen Hawking, the physicist who many say a worthy Einstein of our time, both atheists of an intellectual sort.

Dawkins was recently banned from Berkeley for an allegedly anti-Islam statement.
Now, how so?


Berkeley is the suppressor of free speech, the home of barring anyone who does not speak in the progressive ritualistic language of hate America, Israel, capitalism, of course conservatism and Christianity.

So why do these radical subversives function in the thrall of Islam as God’s gift to human civilization?

Dawkins said maybe they regard Islam as a race and thus all are guilty of racism who are not Moslems.

That doesn’t wash.

ANSWER IS QUITE SIMPLE:  As the European Union devolved from a Europe broken by war and Communist rule, having lost its will to live, not having babies, abandoning Christianity, needing cheap labor – it’s only natural to invite Moslems in and once the flood starts it continues to roar and by now many thinkers say and Angela Merkel says the influx will continue — and thus, Europe will soon be governed by Islamic rule and so today’s politics are soon to be replaced and soon no Jews left in Europe unless they hide in caves or go somewhere else.

When a society no longer believes in itself it dies. 


Trump saw that, determined to fight the Democrat tide that afflicts large numbers of regular Republicans — many of whom ran in the primaries and have very familiar names and sit in House and Senate — and Trump is trying to save America from the radical Islamic Democrats and Jews who have lost their way (see Hellenists whom the Maccabees had to fight in days of yore)

… And of course- the DEEP STATE AND INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY whose prime mission is getting rid of Trump no matter how many special counsel have to be appointed.

That’s also why the no mammogram abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood has so many defenders in the Congress who will fight to the Democrat death to keep Federal money flowing — THAT’S THE DEEP STATE ready to see the U.S. decline into irrelevance.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


looks like the forces that control speech on college campuses has done the same to the Jewish religious world

Given the Imam in California Davis calling for the death of all Jews couched in the terms of 13th Imam and Revelation, silence is not supposed to be what I hear.

Conceive of a rabid Jew calling for the death of all Muslims in America.  Every Jewish organization and every Rabbi from lunatic left to lunatic Chassidic right would be calling for his head.

But given multiculturalism which is a euphemistic word for Islamic conquest by migration and given the takeover of Democrat Party by flaming multiculturalists who hate Netanyahu, you don’t hear Democrat office holder’s rage nor that of Republicans nor that of Jewish Democrat office holders either.

The inescapable conclusion is that the ball game for Jews in America will soon be as is the ball game for Jews in France who have Israel at least to go to.

Between Trump blowing his Presidency by publicly ranting and raving about Jeff Sessions instead of privately whispering and synagogues prohibiting political discussion, it looks like the forces that control speech on college campuses has done the same to the Jewish religious world – so I can take the hint.

I’ll donate to Israel given its poverty which is so large as to be obscene and outfits that support strong Israel and strong America but since the religious part has forfeited its rightful role in Jewish survival, so be it.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit